Disturbing news from Mumbai.. Tune into Twitter


Forget CNN, which so far has few details of the ongoing attacks in Mumbai, India that have left at least 80 dead (Update: they’re starting to catch up now). People are giving first hand reports of what they’re seeing directly on Twitter. Flickr is another important information resources – images are here.

Twitter isn’t the place for solid facts yet – the situation is way too disorganized. But it’s where the news is breaking. GroundReport is doing a good job of aggregating citizen reports. Both Wikipedia and Mahalo have constantly updated pages with known facts.

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Lalu pleases the common man with his Rail Budget

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Rail minister Lalu Prasad Yadav surprised everyone by announcing that Railways has made a jaw dropping profit of 25,000 crore this year!
He announced the range of new trains, promised new ones for Amravati too, thanks to Pratibha Patil.
One thing which caught my attention is inclusion of TV, Internet in the trains apart from ‘smart cards’ and an info board.

Here are the highlights of the Rail Budget 2008-09.
‘ चक दे रेल्वे ’

Sanju Baba sentenced..


Sanjay Dutt was moved to Pune’s Yerwada Jail Last night.
Friends said there was a huge crowd to catch a glimpse of the actor.
Sanju baba has been always my favorite actor and it was really sad to hear about his 6 year sentence. Earlier I though its very harsh but then realized that he must be treated as a criminal. He must not get the celebrity treatment.
I still wonder how come he dared to carry AK-47 assuming nobody will check him. I don’t know if he has victimized but if not ‘Bhai’ will surely do something. ‘Bhai’ must be watching the show from wherever he is and Sanju baba will be out of bars within no time just like Monica Bedi.
Nobody knows the reality as whatever perception we have has been made by the Media.

But one thing is sure, Sanju Baba’s life is a perfect recipe for a bollywood flick. All I can say now is, "Ek kahani khatam to duji shuru ho gayi mamu.."

‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin killed while filming

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Steve Irwin, the man who is always seen with snakes and crocodiles on Discovery channel is dead.
Its been said that he was stung through the chest by a stringray while diving off Port  Douglas.
While watching him on Discovery, we often used say that this guy will die someday, but we never knew that he would really die in this fashion. He was really an icon for wildlife lovers.

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Union Budget 2006

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Finance Minister is presenting Union Budget 2006 today.
Here are the highlights as on 1.00 pm

  • 12 textile industry parks to be set up
  • An allocation of Rs 189 crore provided for this
  • A National Jute Board to be set up
  • Like woolmark, there will be a handloom mark to certify quality
  • A window to be created for equity participation and viability gap funding for the growth of sunrise IT sector
  • Tax rationalisation for jewellary and gems import
  • Food Processing Sector to be a priority sector for bank credit
  • 15 tourist areas to be developed
  • Services sector put on par with manufacturing sector
  • SMEs in service sector to get the status of SSI in manufacturing sector
  • Rs 1500 cr allocation to boost telephone connectivity
  • Plan allocation for shipping up 37 pc
  • Bill on cellular telephony in rural areas soon
  • 40,000 more villages to be electrified under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidhyutikaran Yojana
  • 82 power projects are in various stages of implementation in the country to overcome power shortage
  • Work on to identify a deep draft port in West Bengal
  • To promote India as a semi-conductor hub
  • Introduction of a comprehensive bill on insurance in 2007
  • Biotechnology will be the big focus in FY 06-07
  • 180 items to be de-reserved from SSI list
  • Thrust industries: textile and food processing
  • Rs 97 crore for upgrading IITs
  • FII investment limit in stock markets will be raised from $1.75 billion to $2 billion
  • National e-governnace plan to be approved shortly
  • Telephone connection on demand in rural areas in three years
  • Raise in the aggregate investment of overseas investors from $1billion to $1 billion
  • An investment protection fund under the aegis of SEBI would be set up
  • Rs 100 crore special grant for Punjab Agricultural University
  • Food fertilizer and petroleum industries to be under subsidies
  • Defence budget raised to Rs 89,000 crore in 2006-07 from Rs 83,000 crore last year
  • Rs 37,458 crore would be capital expenditure in defence


  • ………
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    Budget’s technical jargon

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    Talking about New Vista for the Outsourcing Market

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    New Vista for the Outsourcing Market

    The Wall St. Journal just ran a really sad story. The writer apparently interviewed a number of US computer science students who…outsource their homework. Yeah, that’s right. They used a site called Rent A Coder, which matches Indian programmers up with US-based projects on a bidding basis.
    Do a search on this site with the keyword ‘homework’ and you get over 1000 hits. Not huge, but certainly worthy of being called a trend.
    Wonder if those expenses are covered by student loans?
    And what are these kids going to do after they graduate? Outsource their individual work assignments?
    (via Slashdot)


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    In marathi, RajKaran means politics.
    And Mr. Raj Thacheray is living truely to its meaning.
    According to a breaking news, over 2500 Shiv sainiks have resigned from Shiv Sena to join Raj Thackeray’s new party. And that not over, 3500 more workers are expected to join him shortly.
    Thats what i call politics.. Divide and rule.

    Balasaheb Thacheray was quit unafraid when Rane left Shiv Sena, same when Raj followed.
    Narayan Rane surprised him by winning with comfortable margin and Raj is all set to shatter the roofs of ‘Matoshri’.
    Seems like a movie script..
    Ramu, are you listening ??


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