I’m not a regular TV viewer. And whenever i watch TV, i watch very selected serials.
I love watching Lizzie on Disney channel every evening apart from Batman, Justice League, Johny Bravo and Hatim.
But there is one serial which i can’t afford to miss.. Akela.
I’m watching ‘Akela’ since episode#1 and haven’t missed even a single run since then. Its a great mix of Horror, Comedy, Thrill and adventure. And a love story also runs parallely in every show. It just clicks. Each episode has a different story and good thing is, all the stories are original.
Here is a concept from its official site:
This serial is about what happened to an ex – police officer – Ranvir, after he comes out from Coma, about his gradual coming to terms with his powers. Ranvir finds that he can see dead people and it becomes his life’s mission to help them. It is a bizarre situation, because sometimes the victims themselves refuse to accept that they are dead. Ranvir solves these issues using normal detective techniques and also a mix of his powers— Ranvir also has another advantage — while the police have a network of informers in the city, Ranvir has his own network of informers —dead people spread out across the city! On other occasions, Ranvir sometimes gets cases from dead people themselves, wanting him to find out who killed them!

On another level, this is also the story of the personal life of Ranvir. We see him trying to pick up the pieces of his own life—which is non existent now as the last eight years have taken everything away. It is about his suppressed obsession with Kinnari, his ex fiancée who is now married to Dr. Rohit. In the midst of this, destiny brings back love to his life. She to an extent helps Ranbir to move on in life. But Ranvir is unsure whether she is the one!

Ultimately, Akela is a drama of relationships. Rohit has insecurities about Kinnari. Ranbir and Savio continue with their adventures by being the bridges of communication across TWO WORLDS.

Do watch it whenever you manage to tune Sony TV at 10:00pm on Thrusday.
Akela rocks.