Disturbing news from Mumbai.. Tune into Twitter


Forget CNN, which so far has few details of the ongoing attacks in Mumbai, India that have left at least 80 dead (Update: they’re starting to catch up now). People are giving first hand reports of what they’re seeing directly on Twitter. Flickr is another important information resources – images are here.

Twitter isn’t the place for solid facts yet – the situation is way too disorganized. But it’s where the news is breaking. GroundReport is doing a good job of aggregating citizen reports. Both Wikipedia and Mahalo have constantly updated pages with known facts.

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Winds of change


This week marked the unveiling of Windows Live Internet Services,
news of a refreshed Windows Live Essentials beta coming soon, some new
features (and some old ones) from Live Search, and lots of mobile news
as well.  Let’s recap:

Windows Live Internet Services
Wednesday evening, Microsoft unveiled the online portion of Windows
Live, which should be rolling out to users in the next “couple of
weeks”.  Lots and lots of changes and new stuff:

  1. Home.Live.com – The starting place for Windows Live online
  2. What’s New Feed – A
    totally new feature, aggregating news about your network and what
    they’re doing, including news from a variety of third-party sources
    (Twitter, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Yelp, Amazon.com, etc., etc.).

  3. Windows Live Profile – A single place to manage your profile information.  Was part of Spaces, now stand-alone and expanded.
  4. Windows Live People – Again, a single place to manage your “Network”, combining Hotmail contacts, Messenger contacts, and Spaces Friends.
  5. Windows Live Photos
    – Like Profile, Photos no longer a part of Spaces, but available on its
    own or across Windows Live.  Greatly enhanced viewing experience.

  6. Windows Live Groups – A
    new service to create an online Group, including an email address and
    url for the group, and including a Group specific What’s New feed,
    membership list, Calendar, SkyDrive, and a discussion list.

  7. Windows Live SkyDrive – Soon to include 25gb of storage, with new features like saving to a .zip file, and move or copy to another SkyDrive folder.
  8. Windows Live Hotmail – Will soon add ever increasing storage, POP access both in and out for free, and Web Messenger integration.

WL online includes

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Windows Live Essentials
the online services announcement on Wednesday, official word also came
of an upcoming refresh to the Essentials suite, which we should also
see in the “next couple of weeks” 

WL Essentials includes

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Windows Live Mobile
With the new Windows Live services come a number of improvements to Windows Live on mobile

WL mobile includes

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Live Search

Search made some announcements of their own this week: touting the
success of Live Search cashback, and unveiling Live Search for Video:
TV shows. (In my attempt to follow the PubCon keynote via Twitter, I
posted that Birds Eye imagery for an Image Search on places was new. 
While this was demoed at PubCon, it isn’t actually new, as my
colleagues were quick to point out to me 😐  ).

Oh and by the way, if you’re in Canada, Live Search has a Big Ticket promotion for you:


Microsoft Live Search ‘Big Ticket’ promotion

Big Ticket Search will run from October 31st through December 31st. Every time our users search at bigticketsearch.com, they have a chance to win awesome prizes every hour, 24 hours a day.
We’ll be giving away tons of  prizes including 2 new Mitsubishi
Lancers, Raptors VIP package, Home Entertainment Systems, Laptops,
$10,000 cash, Ticketmaster Gift Cards, Zunes, Xboxes, Raptors Season
Tickets and Raptors Memorabilia.

(Thanks to Windows Live Chronicles)

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(Thanks to Liveside for the information)