Want goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com? Too Late


Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has put together a list of thousands of .com domain names owned by Google, based on an analysis of the root zone file. They then verified the most interesting ones with WHOIS information. Does GoogleWarnerbros.com represent a future partnership, or a failed tryout? Googlereligion.com? Why not. Googlepoo.com? Sure.

The entire list is embedded below. Some of the more interesting ones:

* 30dayfitness.com
* bayareaburritos.com
* donationcard.com
* essentialmommy.com
* greengardengifts.com
* mariolovespasta.com
* thesecretofburritos.com
* goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com
* google4kids.com
* googlebackups.com
* googleauction.com
* googlebroadband.com
* googlecasinogames.com
* googlefamily.com
* googlejokes.com
* googlelovers.com
* googlepersonals.com
* googlereligion.com
* googlefaith.com
* googlegym.com
* googledaycare.com
* bankgoogle.com
* googlepaperproducts.com
* googletimewarner.com
* ebay-google.com
* googlewarnerbros.com
* checkoutsucks.com
* dejastinks.com
* frooglesucks.com
* fuckengoogle.com
* gmailblows.com
* gmailsucks.com
* googlefools.com
* googlemotherfucker.com
* googlepoo.com
* googlesucks.com
* errorpageassist.com
* googlemonitoring.com
* googleclusters.com
* googlewebmonitoring.com

Read this doc on Scribd: 0804 google domains.


Best of Webalbums

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There are plenty of paid offerings to choose from in this category of software, but I’ve found several free programs on CNET.com that do the job nicely. The best Web album software provides ways to host your work on the Web so all you’ll need is some creativity and your already honed photo-snapping skills.

Photozig Albums Express

The step-by-step process makes it easy to create simple albums.(Credit: CNET Networks)

Photozig Albums Express offers a step-by-step process so you can design your project from start to finish. Big button icons with descriptions make it easy to start your project and select the preferred output for your images including sending in e-mail, burning to a CD, or uploading to a Web site. The finished product is a basic layout of thumbnails that you can click to enlarge, but you’ll have no skins to choose from with this one. The Photozig Web site requires you register with an e-mail address, but you’ll be able to display your albums on the Web for free once you’re signed up. For basic albums, this is the one to choose.

Web Photo Album

A clean-looking interface and several themes make album creation easy.(Credit: CNET Networks)

Web Photo Album is another simple free album creator offering several nice (if sometimes cheesy) templates. A nice interface layout makes it easy to find the pictures you want and quickly create a simple album. It offers basic editing functions like red-eye removal and picture rotation, and you can add captions to each picture. The finished product comes out as a page of thumbnails and once you click on a picture, you’re given a close up with the ability to navigate to other shots across the top of the page. Though there are a staggering number of themes to choose from to match your pictures, your overall layout is unchangeable. Web Photo Album lets you sign up for the free Photo hosting service, or you can save to a folder to burn to CD or post to your own site.


With numerous skin and layout choices, JAlbum is tough to beat.(Credit: CNET Networks)

JAlbum for both PC and Mac users is one of my long-time favorite free Web album programs. It doesn’t direct you through the process like Photozig, but a quick look through the menus will be enough for you to get started creating great Web albums. There are several great-looking templates and skins to choose from, with more skins available at the JAlbum Web site. An integrated FTP program makes it easy to post albums to your Web site or blog. The JAlbum site also lets you post your projects to their Web hosting service for free, but as with the others, you’ll need to register with a name and e-mail address.

With spring weather returning, you’re going to have a lot of chances to snap some great pictures. Use one of these free Web album programs to turn your pictures into a nice project that’s easy to share with anyone.

Your guide to Inflation

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Everyone now seems to be talking about it. And everyone must have an opinion about it.
So, here comes Harshal again to help you out from the misery of watching mutely while others are showing off their knowledge on.. INFALATION!
Check out this link and get your basics right about the inflation. This article will tell you about how is inflation measured, why prices are rising and what your investment strategy should be.

You must know how Inflation is affecting life around you. This article will tell you about the impact of raising oil prices, impact on agriculture, change in market structure and the similar stuff.
Finally, its time to calculate how Inflation is affecting YOU. Check it out here.
So next time you see a group of people blaming government about rising prices, you know how to shut their mouths.

10 tech certifications that actually mean something

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Its the time of the year when most of the IT pros think of making a ‘switch’.
So, this article will explain which certifications are hot in the market now and which will fetch you a fat pay cheque.
Check out the 10 tech certifications that actually mean something.

Wii gets streaming TV from BBC

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Wii iPlayer BBC

Wii owners have reason to cheer for. The BBC’s iPlayer TV catch-up service is making its way to the Nintendo Wii today. British residents who navigate to www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer using Opera’s Internet Channel browser will be greeted by the same selection of streaming programs made available for PC users.

The BBC promises to bring a slightly updated version in the coming months that will add additional functionality, the same way Opera did with the specially designed version of its browser made just for the Wii. Best of all, it will be a standalone channel app. The BBC’s Anthony Rose hopes this will fit the needs of users who don’t want to have to load up the browser and navigate to their iPlayer bookmark, or pay for the Internet application in the first place.

This is the first time the iPlayer has made its living room debut. Previously the only way to get iPlayer programming on your TV set was by hooking up your home PC or laptop to your television. I’m glad to know this announcement as I was looking for a way to watch TV on my Wii.

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Speed up Gmail searches the old fashioned way

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Gmail is great for many reasons, but one of them is the built-in power search tool. It’s constantly indexing your e-mails to makes them easy to parse through on a later date.

How-to guru, Dennis O’Reilly, of CNET’s Worker’s Edge has a few tips for people who want to speed up the way they search for old e-mails as their in-boxes continue to grow and fill up with messages. His tips involve using good old-fashioned operators, the little shortcuts you can put in front of a query to flavor your results.

You can read his post here, or check out the full listing of operators here.