Lalu pleases the common man with his Rail Budget

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Rail minister Lalu Prasad Yadav surprised everyone by announcing that Railways has made a jaw dropping profit of 25,000 crore this year!
He announced the range of new trains, promised new ones for Amravati too, thanks to Pratibha Patil.
One thing which caught my attention is inclusion of TV, Internet in the trains apart from ‘smart cards’ and an info board.

Here are the highlights of the Rail Budget 2008-09.
‘ चक दे रेल्वे ’

10 Myths About Windows Passwords

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When I first clicked on this article, I expected to see yet another diatribe telling you to use numbers, mixed-case letters, and special characters when you created a password. Boy was I wrong.
Get past some of the geeky language and you’ll find a truly eye-opening story about the security of passwords in Windows.

Surprisingly, Mark Burnett’s piece dates back to 2002, but the lessons are still relevant today. Give it a spin. Maybe consider changing your passwords today.

Hillary Rocks !


Hillary really rocks !!
This one is no doubt the best compaign I’ve evern seen.
Enjoy the song.

10 qualities of a successful stock market trader

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Trading in stock market is becoming riskier day by day. I’ve finally understood that its impossible to time the market.
But I still feel that there is a great opportunity to make big bucks.

Following article on rediff talks about how a deciplined approach can make you rich.
Check out "10 qualities of a successful stock market trader".

Also take some time read article on how to become a stock market boss. And if investing directly in equities scare you, you might consider investing through ELSS, it will help you save some tax too. And if you are still feeling brave enough to handle the market, here is the list of stocks which can make you crorepati.
Want to play safe? Don’t miss an expert advise to invest in Mutual Funds.

Happy investing.

Back in action..

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After the months of hiatus, I’m back to what I enjoy most.. Blogging !
I got married last month and that kept me away from the computer for a while. Now, I’m back in Pune and back to work as well.
So, watch out this space for more tecno news, money matters, movie reviews, my views on politics and much more.

Keep visiting.