I don’t want this space to be just another Microsoft-Apple news reporting website but just can’t resist the temptation of writing about the new offerings from the Microsoft. Microsoft is marching slowly on its growth path and dishing out lot of new products and services.

Zune 2 :

Finally its a great day for a Zune owner. Old Zune 30GB owners (like me) will get a Firmware upgrade which will include new User Interface and lots of other goodies and the new owners will get a whole new range of Zunes to choose from. New Zune has a touch sensetive pad and is looking thinner and cooler than Zune 30GB.
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Zune Software and Market Place also got a fresh look and new features.
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Launch of Windows Live services :
Microsoft launched various other windows live services during past couple of months. I found each of them very useful and productive. I’m hooked up to Windows Live Events which is a great concept and cool thing to do. I’ve created an event site for my Marriage here. Check it out.

Microsoft Live Workspace is Microsoft’s answer to google’s online office suit. This one is still in private beta and promises lots of cool features. I use online google’s docs & spreadsheet very extensively and wouldn’t mind migrating to Microsoft’s Live Workspace because I don’t want to maintain multiple accounts.
Talking about multiple accounts, Microsoft has come up with a great service which lets you link your multiple live accounts with one account. So, just sign in once and you are all set.
Live Calendar is also open to public beta now. Its Ajax based and carries a Live-look. I didn’t get much time to review it but I’m sure it’ll be useful.

Biggest advantage I see here is the power of integration. You can integrate Live Messaeger into your Space, show off your Soapbox videos, embed Live maps into Events, show off your documents using SkyDrive, share your Favorites & lot more.
Miscrosoft is planning to venture into Photo Sharing space too. Windows Live application suit is also in good shape now. I think, after couple of years, you’ll just need one Windows Live ID and you’ll be sorted.

Keep watching this space for more details.