Great day for apple fans but a bad day for Zune owners (like me) and Apple investors.
Apple unveiled new generation iPods and after a first look, all I can say is.. WOW!
iPod Touch is an iPhone without a camera and phone capabilities. It looks amazing and it a one tight slap on Zune’s face. It has ‘Real’ WiFi. It currently comes in 8GB and 16GB capacities. After watching it on the net, i literally jumped out of the excitement. Its definitely the next cool thing I’d like to have. Anybody interested in my Zune?

And then there is an another option : iPod Classic.
Comes with whopping 80GB and 160GB capacities and looking slim and better too. Looks like they have added search and customization feature into it.
iPod nano also got an upgrade to video playing capabilities.
And then there is a $200 price drop on iPhone which saw Apple stock going down because of margin concerns.

After some time I realised that most of the features of iPod touch will be not that useful as its still a pain to use public WiFi hotspots. So, No web-browsing using Safari, No You-Tube videos and No online music downloads. And yes, there is no inbuilt Radio. But still I’ll wait for couple of months for a refurbished piece to appear on Apple site.

Check out for more details.