Tables turned : Bumpy road for Apple


Its been less than two weeks since Apple announced its ambitious range of iPods. That day, I felt like its the death of all other music player makers and they should immediately stop producing any unit.
But tables have turned now.

iPhone buyer became furious because Apple Chief Steve Jobs slashed the phone’s price to $400 from $600, making early adopters look like suckers.Jobs issued an apology and a $100 gift certificate to contain the damage. Wall Street smelled weakness in the price cut and pushed Apple shares down 10% to $130 within two days.

It looks like an anti-Apple backlash has begun. NBC Universal, chafing at Apple’s insistence that every TV show is worth $1.99 to download, is bolting the iTunes store after December, going with Amazon instead. Vivendi’s Universal Music Group also reportedly won’t renew its contract with Apple. 

AT&T, the wireless carrier for iPhone, was entirely shut out of selling its content services on Apple’s phone.
AppleTV has been a flop. The iPhone started strong but must be fading–why else cut the price?

There seems to be a number of people who think the new 6G iPod classic sounds noticeably worse than the 5.5G iPod that it replaced. Apple discussion forum has comments like, "The new iPod classic "sounds precise, crisp, but lacks 3D image and has an electronic haze to the sound… [which] becomes fatiguing after a while"

There are increasing reports out there about problems with the screens on the new iPod touch. Apparently many folks are complaining that the screen is very dark and lacking in details. Above you can see a comparison on Apple Touch comparing the iPhone to the iPod touch (right). Over at the Apple Discussion boards a third-party LCD engineer weighs in with a possible answer: bad quality control in manufacturing led to an error with the anti-reflective coating.
Apple has accepted it as a defect. Read more about it here.

So, here I am.. Listening radio on my Zune and flashing it proudly. I no longer regret my decision of buying it and do not wish for iPod Touch now. Will wait for iRiver’s new WiFi-touch screen player instead 🙂

USB 3.0 coming, will increase transfer speeds tenfold

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Right when you think you’ve got a cable standard down that works with most of your devices, some committee or commission of some sort goes and releases a new, better standard to upgrade to. It’s pretty annoying, but it’s one of the things you’ve got to deal with in technology. It moves pretty fast, after all. So first there was USB, then there was USB 2.0, and now, wouldn’t you know it, we’re about to get USB 3.0.

USB 3.0 improves upon its successors by adding fiber-optic cable alongside the copper wiring, greatly increasing the speeds. The upgrade should allow for high-def devices, such as HD DVD or Blu-ray players, to use the standard to send data. As of now, today’s USB cables aren’t fast enough for such heavy transfers, sending data at 480 megabits per second. USB 3.0, on the other hand, will increase that tenfold to a whopping 4.8 gigabits per second. The fancy new cables should start hitting shelves and being used in devices around 2009 or 2010. 

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New iPods announced !

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Great day for apple fans but a bad day for Zune owners (like me) and Apple investors.
Apple unveiled new generation iPods and after a first look, all I can say is.. WOW!
iPod Touch is an iPhone without a camera and phone capabilities. It looks amazing and it a one tight slap on Zune’s face. It has ‘Real’ WiFi. It currently comes in 8GB and 16GB capacities. After watching it on the net, i literally jumped out of the excitement. Its definitely the next cool thing I’d like to have. Anybody interested in my Zune?

And then there is an another option : iPod Classic.
Comes with whopping 80GB and 160GB capacities and looking slim and better too. Looks like they have added search and customization feature into it.
iPod nano also got an upgrade to video playing capabilities.
And then there is a $200 price drop on iPhone which saw Apple stock going down because of margin concerns.

After some time I realised that most of the features of iPod touch will be not that useful as its still a pain to use public WiFi hotspots. So, No web-browsing using Safari, No You-Tube videos and No online music downloads. And yes, there is no inbuilt Radio. But still I’ll wait for couple of months for a refurbished piece to appear on Apple site.

Check out for more details.