Sanjay Dutt was moved to Pune’s Yerwada Jail Last night.
Friends said there was a huge crowd to catch a glimpse of the actor.
Sanju baba has been always my favorite actor and it was really sad to hear about his 6 year sentence. Earlier I though its very harsh but then realized that he must be treated as a criminal. He must not get the celebrity treatment.
I still wonder how come he dared to carry AK-47 assuming nobody will check him. I don’t know if he has victimized but if not ‘Bhai’ will surely do something. ‘Bhai’ must be watching the show from wherever he is and Sanju baba will be out of bars within no time just like Monica Bedi.
Nobody knows the reality as whatever perception we have has been made by the Media.

But one thing is sure, Sanju Baba’s life is a perfect recipe for a bollywood flick. All I can say now is, "Ek kahani khatam to duji shuru ho gayi mamu.."