Vote for your 7 wonders

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Update: Taj made it to the TOP 7 ! Hurray !!
Taj is my favorite but i’d love to see Egypt Pyramids in the list.
Take a tour through all the 21 contenders..

WebWare’s list of top 100 Web 2.0 websites..

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WebWare has compiled a very comprahensive and usful list of best Web 2.0 websites.
Categories are Browsing, Communications, Community, Data, Entertainment, Media, Mobile, Productivity and Commerce, Publishing and Reference

Check it out here.


Wi-fi power..

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Wi-Fi is a great thing but is underustilised till now.
They are talking about making Pune the first wire free city in India but i don’t know how many us have Wi-Fi enabled devices. These devices are still very expensive.
Recent developments look very promising to me. Sample this..

One of my favorite gadgets is the digital camera, yet mobile phone makers seem to be on a mission to make it obsolete. Don’t believe me? Then explain why a mobile phone would ever need a ten megapixel digicam. Anyway, I think this type of competition has digital camera makers thinking about innovative features for the next generation of digital cameras. We’ve already heard about digicams with face recognition, slimming effects, Wi-Fi, and no shaky technology. Most recently, I heard Canon was working on a feature called Blink Shot that won’t take a snapshot until everybody’s eyes are open, and Kodak just announcement the development of new technology that will eliminate the need for a flash in low-light conditions.

They’re all great features, but how about more Wi-Fi capabilities? Sony recently released their first Wi-Fi equipped digital camera, but if you don’t want to shell out $599 for a digicam you don’t need, you might want to wait for upcoming Wi-Fi memory cards. A company called Eye-Fi is working on memory cards with integrated Wi-Fi chips that would allow you to transfer photos straight to your computer, social network or a photo sharing site without the need of a USB cable. According to CNET, the company plans to sell a 2GB SD memory card for $100. They may be more expensive than the average memory card, but it might be worth a look if you want to save yourself a hefty price for Wi-Fi capabilities.

Wild Charge has been teasing us with the idea of a wireless charging pad for some time, but the company has confirmed that they’ll begin selling them to the public starting July 7.
WildCharge is going to truly change the way we charge our gadgets. The WildCharger is a thin pad that plugs into the wall, then sits on your desk ready to charge as many gadgets as you can fit on it. You can only charge gadgets equipped with a WildCharger adapter, which can be either attached or be integrated into the device itself. The site doesn’t specify if these adapters are included with the pad, so I have a feeling they won’t be.

There are many benefits to wireless charging stations. For one, you don’t have to remember what charger goes with what gadget ever again, or travel with bulky chargers or tangled cords everywhere you go. I also would love to see less powerstrips coming out of every outlet. Computer World has a great article that explains a little more about wireless charging, if you really want to know. In the meantime, I’ll be marking my calendar.

wefi.jpgWeFi is aiming to deliver a better outside internet experience by making WiFi as easy to use as a cell phone.
The concept is simple: to offer a true internet experience outside the house, people need WiFi. However finding free WiFi can be difficult, which is where WeFi wants to step in.

I don’t know if Microsoft is watching this space. I wish they could make my Zune truely Wif-fi enabled in their next firmware upgrade. I dream about the day day when i’ll be standing on the crowded streets of Pune listening to internet radio on my Zune using a public Wi-Fi spot and syncing my Address book with Live Hotmail.

Google is scary..

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It is.
Nowadays I do not sign in to Google unless required.
It knows my browsing habbits, my credit card info, my finance details which i record in spreadsheets and it knows what my emails contains!
And if this was not enough, now Google knows where on earth I am..!

Google’s recently unveiled Street View stunned many with its photos of the unsuspecting, from a man climbing a front gate to another walking out of a strip club, but it’s hardly the first time the company has compiled a massive database of material that some would want to remain private. Indeed, Google has for years been storing every Web search and analyzing the topics of Gmail so it can serve customers with related advertisements.
But now that Google is serving up images from the sky with Google Earth, creating street-level images with Street View and tracking customer behavior in cyberspace, some are starting to ask: how much is enough? As blogger Michael Rasmussen wrote in a comment about Street View on the Boing Boing blog, "Damn right, it’s creepy."

Follow this link if you want to know how to hide from Google..