My American joyride has come to an end.
I’ll be flying back to India tomorrow.

So the natural qustion is, how was my stay in America?
It may sound like a farewell speech, but really my heart is filled with mixed emotions.
I’m excited as I’ll be going home after a long period and I’m feeling my heart little heavier while leaving my offce and Idylwoods.
I got great exposure in office and learned lot of new things. Made really good friends in Buffalo and had really peservable time.
Yesterday Me n all team-mates had a farewell lunch at Pearl Street.
And in the evening Romy took me to Kabab n Curry.
Driving down the streets I was recalling all the fun-filled moments that i spent in last six months.

Week-end masti, everyday parties at Hemat and Vishi, long coffee breaks, never ending production calls, lazy evenings, Naruto, frozen parathas, buffalo snow, calling cards, experimental food… I’m going to miss everything.

Lots of new things are in store for me when I reach India.
Engagement is on the cards.. which is causing butterflies in my stomach.
Then I’ll be getting possesion of my new home very soon.
But the first and immidiate challange to face is.. May Heat.
It will be around 40-44 degree Celcius (110+ degree Fereinheits) in Amravati. Which will be pretty touch to handle.

Its time for me to pack the bags.
Very excited to see my family.
Hope my return journey will be smooth and less tiring. (It might be.. as my Airline is showing Departed, Happy Feet, Casino Royal and lots of recent movies which i missed).
I’m going to eat Samosas, spicy sabjees and all the desi stuff..
And yes, will watch Spiderman-3 as soon as I reach 🙂

So, Goodbye America.. Its been wonderful working here.
And Namastey India.. Its good to return back to the roots.