Apartment 28 will be lonely today. There will be no loud music, no late night rounds of beer and no more 50-people-eating-at-one-place stuff..
Hemant has left Buffalo and flied back to India. He will be missed deeply. He is one of those kinds whom you meet for a shorter time but later become a friend for life. We had lots of fun and enjoyed every single day.
With him around, we had every night a Friday night. And don’t ask about the Friday nights.. Whole apartment 28 would rock on the beats of "chham chham karta tera nashila badan..!"

But the music will be played again and there will be more rounds of beer.. because Ajeet has landed last night and replaced Hemant. 
He completes our old GLT friend circle which includes him, Vishi, Me and Vaibhav.
The first thing we did after he entered in Idylwoods was, we did our "Samjho ho hi gaya.." dance!
Best part was, he brought our promotion letters with him, so it was a happy moment.

Yes I got promotion. And now I’m a senior software engineer. Sounds nice.. isn’t it?
To celebrate this, Me n vishi had a dinner at an Indian cosine with Rajesh and family.
It turned out to be a  nice evening and a nice get-together. Food was good and so was our discussion.

Good times like these make a stay in foreign land much easier. Idylwoods is now a home away from home.