Today all clocks in the United States were set ahead by 1hr at 2am.
Why? Artificially delaying sunrise and sunset tends to increase electricity usage in the morning and reduce it in the evening. Savings occur if the evening reduction outweighs the morning increase.
Sounds crazy.

But thats the way US government wanted it. I don’t know how much energy is saved by this so called "Daylight Savings" but I certainly know how much one has to suffer. Especially if you are in a IT industry.

There has been rounds of emails going on since past one month calculating the impact of this change. We had patches for JDK, Unix servers, Windows machines, Email clients and the list goes on.. Some people even call it a mini Y2K!

Considerable amount of energy is invested in programming and managing for this change.
This reminds me of the Law of Conservation of Energy which I learnt in my school days. According to it, "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can be converted from one form to another".
Mr Newton would have never imagined that DST could be one of the examples 🙂

For me, its a mixed bag. I will get to talk for longer during the morning hours to India. But little scared about the impact of DST on my application. Not bothered about missing pre-scheduled meeting by an hour 🙂
Lets see if I can manage to explain this to my mom.

May be this link on Wikipedia can help me out.
More FAQs here.