harshal in snowThe weather in Buffalo is getting scarier..
Really very scarier.

Yesterday, I was motivated by my enthusiastic boss to go inside the jungle to shoot Deers. I’m an animal lover, and here shooting means shooting with camera. 
It was around -18 degree Celsius and it was feeling more chillier due to the snow wind. We tried to follow the foot-prints of Deers and went inside the woods. Inside woods, the snow was 1 feet deep and a small river was completely frozen.

We realized that its not wise to stay longer in such difficult weather condition and decided to head back towards home. I was shivering for next half an hour and was unable to speak properly. It was deadly. I wonder how people climb over Everests and still stay alive. 

I managed to watch ‘Guru’ this friday which was being shown exclusively in one of the multiplexes here. It was a nice movie and it was a treat to watch it in foreign land. Abhishek was in full form and the Mani’s direction was powerful. And was delighted to see my all time favorite Mithun Da in an interesting role.

I wanted to blow a whistle on Mithun Da’s entry but was helpless, it was not an Indian theater where people LIVE movies. Though I was surrounded by Indian crowd, I was not one of them. They were still strangers. Almost everyone of them was pretending to be an American born and was talking in English.

The joy of watchin movies in India with friends is unmatched. Earlier in the morning, I was telling one of friend in India that I’m goin to watch Guru tonight, and he said, "So late? Its been more than a month! " in a teasing accent. Then he said, "I’m also going to watch a movie tonight.. Rocky!" And then it was my turn to tease him. Rocky was released here well before a two months 🙂

Life is so changed.