Times Square, New YorkIts probably a bit late to wish "Happy New Year" to all the readers of this space. I just couldn’t get the time to write since I’ve returned from New York.

I celebrated my 31st eve on the streets of Times Square, New York. Which is supposed to be a biggest new year party on the earth where over 2 million crazy people gather to watch the crystal ball falling.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the show but it was definitely not upto my expectation. Events started at 5pm in the evening. Me n my friends managed to secure a position near the main stage from where the crystal ball was visible. These were performances by myspace.com artists, some renowned singers, some dance and a special performance by Christina Anguilera..  but nothing was that interesting. And there were too many gaps between the performances. It was the high level of enthusiasm of the crowd which kept the interest alive till midnight. It was thrilling to hear the cheer when the final countdown started.

Before that, I’ve been to the famous ‘Madame tussaud’ museum where wax models of various celebrities are kept. So, don’t be surprised with this picture as I’m not holding the real Shakira. It was fun to click photographs with these wax models. They look almost real.

New York city is very happening. And I was surprised to see so many desi people there. Indians were everywhere. We found good Indian restaurants too. No wonder, Karan Johar’s movies do good business in New York. I was bowled over by the huge buildings. It was really amazing.

We have also been to the Empire State Building. Which is very very tall. View from the 86th floor was breath taking. I also had the virtual tour of the New York city. We didn’t have enough time to visit the Statue Of Liberty, so we just gave it a glance from Wall Street.

We stayed at Gaurav’s place in New Jersey. While returning, we went to a temple at NJ. It was a nice temple and we had some really authentic south Indian food out there.

All n all the New York trip was memorable and was a lifetime experience.