We had a long week-end this time, and we tried to make most of it.
Friday night was an un-called party. Me and Vishi were having couple of drinks and the whole friends club started to show up one by one. By the midnight, we were over 20 people singing and dancing madly in vishi’s apartment. Thank god, no one called 911.

Next day I watched "Night At Museum" at iMax. It was a nice and well-made movie. Its going to release in India with a funny name. I really liked the concept and execution of the subject. It was a great entetainer. And watching it at iMax was like an icing on the cake.
The screen was huge and crystal clear and the sound was 8000 watt loud!

Next day, we went to Syracuse. Its not a big city but we didn’t wanted to leave the NY state.
We visited a Zoo and a science museum there. Zoo was good. I don’t remember when was the last time I went to a Zoo.

I saw people getting facinated by watching an Elephent. I wanted to tell them that in my country, you’ll see bigger elephents than this.
Science museum was boring and was for kids.
But still Syracuse made a nice week-end gateway.

25th is definately a big day in US.
My boss Rosa Diaz invited me for the dinner. In India, I used to go to Koshy uncle for x-mas. But what i experienced at Rosa’s place was completely different and was a nice experience.
Rosa has got a big family. Lots of gifts were kept under the Christmas tree. We prayed to god before the dinner.
Then they started to give gifts to everyone starting with childerens first.
Childeren’s got toys, teens got mp3 players and DVDs and elders got watches, books and cloths.
Rosa became emotional when she received a childhood photo from one of her relative.
I also got couple of gifts from office colleagues.

Friends are planning to go to Canada for next week-end.
I’ll try to get my Visa done before that. Which i think is a bit difficult considering the work load.