I got a new gadget this week.
Its CANON S3 IS digital camera. I got it for $370.

Making this purchase decision was not an easy task. I was doing research on the net since past couple of weeks.

I was not sure whether to go for sleek models or for the powerful ones. Now the sleek models do offer large number of mega pixels but all of them lack good optical zoom.
I had almost decided to go for SD 800 but the recent trip to Niagra changed my decision.
Canada is easily visible from this side of Niagra. I could video-tape it easily with my panasonic handycam which has 30x zoom.
But my good old FujiFilm’s digicam couldn’t capture the huge casinos disappearing in the fog.
I would have taken great pictures if i had a camera with a better zoom.

Now, this model is lot similar to the sucessful Canon S2. That comes in silver. I wanted black.
But for that i had to shell out $120 more. But then, if you want it, you want it in your way. This black beauty feels like a professional photografer’s camera. Extenal lenses can be attached to it.
It feels great when you hold it in your hand. Trust me, its not bulky. Its sexy. Its powerful.

It takes good quality videos too. Which are comparable to my handicam’s videos.
But it eats lot of battery. Two pairs of AA bateries dried up in one day’s use.
A high capacity SD card is also needed. I had to buy one of 2GB storage capacity.

Its worth the every penny i spent on it. I’m still descovering its ISO features.

Image stabalisation is very very impressive and it produces high quality images.
May be in future, i’ll buy powerful lenses for this black beauty.

I’ve uploaded few snaps from my Syracuse trip on flickr. Check them out.