Surprise !
I got the Zune delivered today morning.. thats too fast!
Now what i’ve in my hands is a new and much awaited Microsoft’s (iPod killer) Mp3
I’m very happy and very very excited about this gadget.

First impressions:
1) Its little bulky.. little bigger than iPod.
2) User interface is very good and yes, better than iPod.
3) Ability to change wallpaper is very interesting.
4) Watching videos on Zune is fun and better experience than iPod.. thanks
to bigger screen.
5) I’ve just fallen in love with the FM tuner. It shows the song name and
artist info while playing the station.

Now i’m very eager to go try its software once i reach home.
All and all Zune is very good and it rocks !
My collegues also planning to order it and then we’ll have fun sharing
pictures and songs.
Goodbye iPod !