So finally I’m in the United States of America.
It took me couple of days to write this entry because i was in a jet lag and just managed to settle a bit.
The journey to US was not very pleasent as i was not familier with the formalities of Air Travel and stumbled multiple times. I had to take an another connecting flight to Buffalo from New York. But i missed it twice thanks to time taken by custom guys and emigration check.
For me coming to US is a completely different experience.
Every small thing in my day has changed. My room is no longer messy and i do not sleep with spiders these days. My road to office does not include crowded SwarGate, but now its full of tall and really huge buildings and over bridges. My food does not include spicy stuff and i have a choice to drink almost 50 types of milk in the morning (2% fat free, total milk, etc).
Every little thing has changed.
Buffalo is a nice place and its a well organised city. Weather goes againt it but i’m finding it exciting (Its 2 degree celcius here). Cab drivers here have GPS system in their back mirror and everything here is just a phone call away. I’m finding it difficult to get adjusted with the food but i’ve no option.
My office building is a 36 floors tall and there is small railway track under it!
Enough about America.
Though my standard of living has increased 10 fold, i’m terribly missing home. Couldn’t contact loved ones because of Day-Night confusion during first couple of days, so feeling a bit low. Good thing is, i’ve started to realise the value of small things which i had (and we all) ignore very easily. Like food, avalibility of family and friends, people who speak your language, etc.

Anyways, I’ve posted few snaps of my office along with my adventures on Niagra Falls.
I’ve ordered microsoft Zune today and eagerly waiting for it now.

Happy surfing.