Finally i’m back from the longest vacation that I ever had in past few years.
It was very relaxing. But I found myself more relaxed when i first logged in to my PC ans started surfing 🙂

There is a lots of difference between the life in Pune and life in Amravati. In pune, you have to run, run and run. No one looks so hurried back home. But the thought of staying away from your PC for 15-17 days is really very scary.

I spent last two days in catching up with the news that happened in past couple of weeks.
Most prominent were, the launch of IE7, Media Player11, FireFox 2.0 and Google acquiring JotSpot.
I’m really impressed with the way online office market heating up.
Earlier I had tested ZohoCreator but found it very slow as compared to JotSpot, ThinkFree and others. Google Docs is my favorite.
Microsoft is also planning to come up with Office Live on 14th November to face the competition.
Watch this space for more reviews.

Between, I came across a very nice and really amazing software, MojoPac yesterday. It allows you to carry your home PC in your USB thumb drive or even in your iPod. It rocks. Check it out.

I’ll be traveling to US in next week. Which gave me an idea to start a new travel blog.
After rejecting lot of names on coffee table, I finalised the name Travelogy.
Check it out here. I’ll try to update it more often.