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Today i came across a nice site.. dream dictionary.
It intends to help you interpret your dreams. I don’t know how far its true but its definately interesting.
I always believed that dreams are meaningful and they have their roots in human psycology. I also read a book, "Interpretation of dreams" by Sigmund Freud. Its good but little complicated.
This site is cool and has easy to understand explainations of the things that we see in our dreams.
Check it out.

‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin killed while filming

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Steve Irwin, the man who is always seen with snakes and crocodiles on Discovery channel is dead.
Its been said that he was stung through the chest by a stringray while diving off Port  Douglas.
While watching him on Discovery, we often used say that this guy will die someday, but we never knew that he would really die in this fashion. He was really an icon for wildlife lovers.

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