I was more than shocked to read about this article on BBC

The Chinese believe that eating penis can enhance your virility

Chinese people are crazy..
They believe that eating penis can enhance your virility!

One of my chinese collegues in my office always used to tell me the funny dishes that chinese people eat. According to her, "Whatever whose back is facing to the sky can be eaten" 

But this is a height.
Here is an extract from the BBC news site:

There are many thousands of Chinese restaurants around in the UK and everyone has their favourite dish, but only in China itself do chefs specialise in a range of slightly more unusual delicacies.

The dish in front of me is grey and shiny.
"Russian dog," says my waitress Nancy.
"Big dog," I reply.
"Yes," she says. "Big dog’s penis…"

We are in a cosy restaurant in a dark street in Beijing but my appetite seems to have gone for a stroll outside.
Nancy has brought out a whole selection of delicacies.
They are draped awkwardly across a huge platter, with a crocodile carved out of a carrot as the centrepiece.
Nestling beside the dog’s penis are its clammy testicles, and beside that a giant salami-shaped object.

"Donkey," says Nancy. "Good for the skin…"
She guides me round the penis platter.
"Snake. Very potent. They have two penises each."

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