Check out whats for dinner tonight


I was more than shocked to read about this article on BBC

The Chinese believe that eating penis can enhance your virility

Chinese people are crazy..
They believe that eating penis can enhance your virility!

One of my chinese collegues in my office always used to tell me the funny dishes that chinese people eat. According to her, "Whatever whose back is facing to the sky can be eaten" 

But this is a height.
Here is an extract from the BBC news site:

There are many thousands of Chinese restaurants around in the UK and everyone has their favourite dish, but only in China itself do chefs specialise in a range of slightly more unusual delicacies.

The dish in front of me is grey and shiny.
"Russian dog," says my waitress Nancy.
"Big dog," I reply.
"Yes," she says. "Big dog’s penis…"

We are in a cosy restaurant in a dark street in Beijing but my appetite seems to have gone for a stroll outside.
Nancy has brought out a whole selection of delicacies.
They are draped awkwardly across a huge platter, with a crocodile carved out of a carrot as the centrepiece.
Nestling beside the dog’s penis are its clammy testicles, and beside that a giant salami-shaped object.

"Donkey," says Nancy. "Good for the skin…"
She guides me round the penis platter.
"Snake. Very potent. They have two penises each."

Click here to read more.. its funny..

Remain Detached

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Meditation of the week

You have to come to a state of consciousness where nothing impresses you, you can remain detached. How to do it? Throughout the whole day the opportunity is there to do it. That is why I say this method is good for you to do. Any moment you can become aware that something is possessing you. Then take a deep breath, inhale deeply, exhale deeply, and look at the thing again. While you are exhaling look at the thing again, but look just as a witness, as a spectator. If you can achieve the witnessing state of mind for even a single moment, suddenly you will feel you are alone, nothing can impress you; at least in that moment nothing can create desire in you. Take a deep breath and exhale it whenever you feel that something is impressing you, influencing you, dragging you away from you, becoming more important than yourself.

And in that small gap created by the exhalation look at the thing ― a beautiful face, a beautiful body, a beautiful building, or anything. If you feel it is difficult, if just by exhaling you cannot create a gap, then do one thing more: exhale, and stop inhalation for a single moment so the exhalation has thrown all the air out. Stop, don’t inhale. Then look at the thing. When the air is out, or in, when you have stopped breathing, nothing can influence you. In that moment you are unbridged ― the bridge is broken.

Breathing is the bridge. Try it. It will be only for a single moment that you will have the feeling of witnessing, but that will give you the taste, that will give you the feeling of what witnessing is. Then you can pursue it. Throughout the whole day, whenever something impresses you and a desire arises, exhale, stop in the interval, and look at the thing. The thing will be there, you will be there, but there will be no bridge. Breathing is the bridge.

Suddenly you will feel you are powerful, you are potential. And the more powerful you feel, the more you will become. The more things drop, the more their power over you drops, the more crystalized you will feel. Individuality has begun. Now you have a center to refer to, and any moment you can move to the center and the world disappears. Any moment you can take shelter in your own center, and the world is powerless.

Osho: Excerpted from The Book of Secrets

Microsoft Zune is here..

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Microsoft has launched a preview of its Zune music player which is termed as an "iPod killer". They have announced accessories and brief specs on thier site. They’ve also got a Music site to compete with iTunes.

At a first glance its looking good.
Seems there is an option to set customised wallpaper. It has also got FM tuner in it and most of the things that i had wished in an iPod.
There seems to be only one button to control the songs.. but what if i want to skip the track?
Support for WMA is a nice feature and the way Zune transfers the songs will play a key role. Imagine if i can just drag and drop songs from my laptop to my mp3 player.

Its going to be launched during christmas holidays.
I’ll definetely buy it if they can take my iPod back 🙂
More info on Zune..

Show off your QnA Flair on Windows Live Spaces!

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Now its possible to add QnA module to your space.
I don’t know how many of us use it, but i think its slowely getting better. When i browsed throught the content of the site, i found most of the questions are technical.
I personally like Yahoo! Answers. It really rocks. And now it has formed a very strong database.
QnA looks empty at the first glance.

But anyways, what interests me more is the integration of Microsoft Live services. Give it a try.
To know more about ‘How To’, click here..

PC Mag’s Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites


PC Mag just released their list of Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites. Not sure why they stopped at 99 rather than 100, but it’s a cool list nonetheless, even though they once again omitted Tech Filter. My personal favorites include TweakGuides, GMailTips, and Photonhead.
Ones that i think are cool and really never heard of before include Charity Navigator, Expert Village, Prosper, and Comic Book Resources.
(via tech filter)

Use Gmail Generate Unlimited E-mail Addresses

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Gmail has an interesting quirk where you can add a plus sign (+) after your Gmail address, and it’ll still get to your inbox. It’s called plus-addressing, and it essentially gives you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to play with. Here’s how it works: say your address is, and you want to automatically label all work e-mails. Add a plus sign and a phrase to make it and set up a filter to label it work (to access your filters go to Settings->Filters and create a filter for messages addressed to Then add the label work).

More real world examples:
Find out who is spamming you: Be sure to use plus-addressing for every form you fill out online and give each site a different plus address.

Example: You could use for for
Then you can tell which site has given your e-mail address to spammers, and automatically send them to the trash.

Automatically label your incoming mail: I’ve talked about that above.

Archive your mail: If you receive periodic updates about your bank account balance or are subscribed to a lot of mailing lists that you don’t check often, then you can send that sort of mail to the archives and bypass your Inbox.

Example: For the mailing list, you could give as your address, and assign a filter that will archive mail to that address automatically. Then you can just check in once in a while on the archive if you want to catch up.

Breathe and Smile

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Meditation of the week

Whenever you are sitting and you have nothing to do, just relax your lower jaw and open the mouth just slightly. Start breathing from the mouth but not deeply. Just let the body breathe so it will be shallow and will be more and more shallow. And when you feel that the breathing has become very shallow and the mouth is open and your jaw is relaxed, your whole body will feel very relaxed.

In that moment, start feeling a smile — not on the face but all over your inner being. It is not a smile that comes on the lips — it is an existential smile that spreads just inside.

No need to smile with the lips on the face — but just as if you are smiling from the belly; the belly is smiling. And it is a smile, not a laughter, so it is very very soft, delicate, fragile, like a small rose flower opening in the belly and the fragrance spreading all over the body.

Once you have known what this smile is you can remain happy for twenty-four hours. And whenever you feel that you are missing that happiness, just close your eyes and catch hold of that smile again and it will be there. And in the daytime as many times as you want you can catch hold of it. It is always there.

Excerpted from unpublished talks

Dream Dictionary

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Today i came across a nice site.. dream dictionary.
It intends to help you interpret your dreams. I don’t know how far its true but its definately interesting.
I always believed that dreams are meaningful and they have their roots in human psycology. I also read a book, "Interpretation of dreams" by Sigmund Freud. Its good but little complicated.
This site is cool and has easy to understand explainations of the things that we see in our dreams.
Check it out.

‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin killed while filming

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Steve Irwin, the man who is always seen with snakes and crocodiles on Discovery channel is dead.
Its been said that he was stung through the chest by a stringray while diving off Port  Douglas.
While watching him on Discovery, we often used say that this guy will die someday, but we never knew that he would really die in this fashion. He was really an icon for wildlife lovers.

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