Its been a very long since I’ve posted on this space. Its mainly due to the slow performance and upgrade from msn spaces. Secondly, I was out of town to celebrate Rakhsha Bandhan with the family in Amravati.

Last week was quit an eventful week. I was visiting Amravati after 4 months. But it didn’t seem that long as Mithila and mom-dad had been to Pune last month. I spent most of the time with Mithila (ofcourse!). I went to her new home couple of times. Lots of our plans got spoiled, all thanks to the never ending rain.

Raksha Bandhan was not that good as Madhuri Tai, Pratik and Mona couldn’t make it for the day. And I also had to return back to Pune on the same day. Still a festival is a festival. It feels good to have a whole family around.

On 10th Aug, we had a big party at La Meridian. Its was only for GMG people. I got drunk and danced till death. It was fun. We performed our Production Support skit again that day.
I couldn’t write much about the skit last month. We had a month long party at Bill’s place in the name of this skit. We used to get drunk daily and used to enjoy our practice sessions. We got the first prize for our skit when we performed it on 28th July in Payment System Town hall. And I got lot of praise for my Matrix act. Now we are planning to make a full-fledged movie out of it.

 Watched two movies this week-end.. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Omkara. Both of the movies were pathetic. KANK was a torture. I couldn’t sit till last scene. It was that bad. Spent the whole Sunday cleaning up my laptop and adding new songs to my iPod. I enjoyed being alone at home.

Anyways, this new live space is giving lot of problems to me. Its slow and crashes frequently. Still I’ll keep posting. Because I know it’s the best. Will soon upload the photos of all the mentioned events.