Like millions of other fans, I’m waiting anxiously for “Windows Live Spaces” launch.

All the team-mates of Spaces team are tight lipped and Spaces official team blog is also not willing to give more information about the launch.

Earlier this month, beta news spread the rumors that Windows Live Spaces will debut on july 15th, but the day passed without any action.

But yesterday while searching the whole blogsphere, I came across a Japanese site which actually had lots of Windows Live Spaces screenshots.

I couldn’t understand the text, so I tried to translate it using Google translator. From there I learnt that finally Windows Live Spaces is going to be launched in August.

Surprisingly beta news was right and it was scheduled to launch on 15th but it got postponed for the reasons best known to Microsoft guys.


I’ll soon post the screenshots of the spaces, which are already migrated to Windows Live Spaces. Yes, you read it right. Couple of lucky few managed to try their hands on the new version. Watch this space for more details.
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