Life is a verb

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Life is a verb. Life is not a noun, it is really "living" not "life."
It is not love, it is loving.
It is not relationship, it is relating.
It is not a song, it is singing.
It is not a dance, it is dancing.
See the difference, savor the difference.

Don’t Just Display Your Photos Online, Edit Them There, Too

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There’s a new photo tool out there on the Web, and this one let’s you edit your photos instead of just uploading and displaying. It’s called Snipshot, and it’s got all the basic photo editing tools, including cropping, rotating, and resizing. It also supports all the popular photo formats, GIF, TIF, JPEG, even PNGs and PDFs.
It’s still in beta, but it sure is fun playing with it.
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Download these online books for FREE


All online books for you.. u may want to download them before they go off the shelf :-))
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I just forgot to say that all of them are FREE !!

Automated logging with NotePad

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This  is good for people who use notepad to write down any info on a day to day basis..
1. Open a blank Notepad  file.
2. Write .LOG (in CAPS only)  as the first line of the file, followed by an Enter. Save the File and close it. 
3. Double-click the file to open it and notice that Notepad appends the  Current Date and Time to the end of the file and places the cursor on the Line  after.
4. Type your notes and then save and close the file.
5. Each time  you open the file, Notepad repeats the process, appending the Date and Time to  the end of the file and placing the cursor below it.

Who would be the winner of the 2006 world cup?

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Know something interesting about FIFA World Cup

Brazil won the world cup in 1994. Before that,they had won this title for the last time in 1970.
If you add up: 1970 + 1994 = 3964

Argentina won the world cup for the last time in 1986. Before that only in 1978.
And 1978 + 1986 = 3964

Germany, though, won the world cup in 1990. Before that, they won in 1974.
Look: 1990 + 1974 = 3964

This could lead us to guess the winner of the World Cup in 2002, since it should be the winner
of the 1962 World Cup (In fact 3964 – 2002 = 1962).

And Brazil won the world cup in 1962! (And, in fact, Brazil won the 2002 WC)
This numerology seems to work…

And now, who would be the winner of the 2006 world cup?
Let’s see, 3964 – 2006 = 1958

And who won in 1958?….
Oh, Brazil did !!

Transformation Tarot Card #10 : Worth

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On the virtues of uselessness
Don’t be bothered too much about utilitarian ends. Rather, constantly remember that you are not here in life to become a commodity. You are not here to become a utility–that is below dignity. You are not here just to become more and more efficient–you are here to become more and more alive; you are here to become more and more intelligent; you are here to become more and more happy, ecstatically happy.
Lao Tzu was traveling with his disciples and they came to a forest where hundreds of carpenters were cutting trees, because a great palace was being built. 

Almost the whole forest had been cut, but one tree was standing there, a big tree with thousands of branches–so big that ten thousand persons could sit under its shade. Lao Tzu asked his disciples to go and inquire why this tree had not been cut yet, when the whole forest had been cut and was deserted. 

The disciples went and they asked the carpenters, "Why have you not cut this tree?" 

The carpenters said, "This tree is absolutely useless. You cannot make anything out of it because every branch has so many knots in it. Nothing is straight. You cannot make pillars out of it, you cannot make furniture out of it. You cannot use it as fuel because the smoke is so dangerous to the eyes–you almost go blind. This tree is absolutely useless. That’s why." 

They came back. Lao Tzu laughed and he said, "Be like this tree. If you want to survive in this world be like this tree–absolutely useless. Then nobody will harm you. If you are straight you will be cut, you will become furniture in somebody’s house. If you are beautiful you will be sold in the market, you will become a commodity. Be like this tree, absolutely useless. Then nobody can harm you. And you will grow big and vast, and thousands of people can find shade under you." 

Lao Tzu has a logic altogether different from your mind. He says: Be the last. Move in the world as if you are not. Remain unknown. Don’t try to be the first, don’t be competitive, don’t try to prove your worth. There is no need. Remain useless and enjoy. 

Of course he is impractical. But if you understand him you will find that he is the most practical on a deeper layer, in the depth–because life is to enjoy and celebrate, life is not to become a utility. Life is more like poetry than like a commodity in the market; it should be like poetry, a song, a dance. 

Lao Tzu says: If you try to be very clever, if you try to be very useful, you will be used. If you try to be very practical, somewhere or other you will be harnessed, because the world cannot leave the practical man alone. Lao Tzu says: Drop all these ideas. If you want to be a poem, an ecstasy, then forget about utility. Remain true to yourself.