Frankly, I was not at all excited about this movie. But couldn’t help myself watching this flick as the whole nation is getting fanaatic about it.
God knows why Gujrat banned this movie. If tomorrow Irfan Pathan says something about their river, may be they will turn their heads while watching a cricket when he comes to bowl.. or may they’ll ban Cricket in Gujrat. Sometimes I think it may be a just another publicity stunt.
Who knows and who cares..

Back to Fanna.
I’m a software engineer and we follow processes to buid good software. And I do not find Yash Uncle (thats what his heroines call him) any different from my Project Manager. No matter who directs his movie, you can clearly see the Yash Chopra stamp.
He has a formula, a model, a process and a team of good developers.. oops.. good directors.
Watch Hum-Tum and tell me if the same director has directed Fanaa. Kunal Kohli just put the right ingredients in Yash Uncle’s recipe and dishes out one delicious product.
Something about the movie..
You may skip this block if you don’t want to know the story.
Fanaa is a love story of a terrorist who falls in love with a blind girl and vanishes the day when that girl regains her sight. Pretending that he is dead, she continues her life with her kid for seven years. And one day, their paths cross again but then heart takes a back seat and mind drives the girl to take her decision.
Sounds interesting.

Now lets compare it with Veer-Zaara. Fanaa also has Indo-Pak backdrop, one patriotic song, highly adorable performances by lead pair, and some mindless stuff.
But as I said, the model works fine Indian audiences. So why bother changing it? Atleast you don’t have fear of loosing money by making an innovative movie. Let Ram Gopal Varma suffer alone.

Fanaa succeeded in arousing the interest of moviegoers mainly because of the casting of Aamir Khan opposite talented Kajol. And this duo do not disappoint at all. It’s a treat to watch versatile Aamir and sizzling Kajol together. Its worth your slightly hiked movie ticket.
Apart from these two, the one who will win hearts is a kid who played Kajol’s son. He is extremely cute and delivers his lines with an élan.
Rishi Kapoor and Kiran kher play Amitabh and Hema from Veer-Zaara. Keep wondering about these open-minded parents who allow their girl to sleep with her ‘Shehzada’ for a night.

My verdict
I know you hate stupid bollywood flicks and planning to watch Da Vinci Code this week-end.. but spare your next week-end for Fanna. Watch it for good locals of Kashmir, power packed performances by Aamir and Kajol and couple of melodious songs.
Its ok if you forget your thinking cap at home. You’ll not need it.
Watch it with family. Enjoy it with Popcorn (You can afford a popcorn cup because most likely you won’t be watching this movie in multiplex. Thanks to the unnecessary hype)
I give it 3 stars for good direction, great performances and catchy tunes.