I’ve been writting after a long time about myself.
Last couple of weeks have been very happening.

Life looks different when you have an iPod. Yes, I got my very own iPod video 30GB. Its a dream come true. I’ve been waiting for this gadget since long. Its very cool. Now I spend most of time updating it and optimising it.

Aditya Soni left HSBC on 17th. He was among the close circle of friends. I shared lots of fun filled moments with him. We would have lots of fun with Mishra, Patil, Pallani and others. I will definately miss his imaginative jokes and really sarcastic n creative comments. He has played Mangal for GMG. Now everyone is talking about leaving the company.
My MCM final sememster exam is over. Finally! It was been very hectic, and i was just not in a mindset of studying. But i stated studing properly once i got into the rythm. It helped me improving my confidence. I would just read for once or twice and would able to remember each word properly. Some Project work is still left, which i’m planning to complete in december.
Abhijeet is also leaving on 30th. He is following the footsteps of Aditya but not leaving to join another compnay. He got selected in S P Jain, Mumbai for an MBA program. He has taken a right step in right direction. Abhijeet, me, vishi and Umesh had nice quality time with drinks on wednesday. I wonder why we didnt go for this earlier. We could have had lot of fun together. Next day we went out with a whole group. Had lots of chicken. An evening to remember.
I’ve uploaded few snaps on this space.
Now I’m planning to enhance my skills and looking for other opportunities. I still find myself very attached to HSBC as this is my first company. I’ll have to think hundered times before I leave this organisation. Lots of memories have attached with this company.
But the show must go on.