MSN Spaces team has done it again.
They have introduced few more features today. Have a look..

RSS Feed Module
One of the things mike like to say around here is that your MSN Space is kind of like your digital self.  It’s comprised of the things you’re publishing and sharing… it’s how you express yourselves to others… it looks and feels how you want it to.  Yet until today, your MSN Space could only really have content on it from Microsoft.
Your profile, blog, photos, favorites, lists, Xbox stats… all cool features.  But what if you have a blog on TypePad or WordPress?  What if you use Flickr to manage your photo albums and only use MSN Spaces to stay in touch with your friends on Messenger?  Or you track your goals on and your upcoming movies through NetFlix?  Shouldn’t you be able to share things from around the web on your space?
Starting tonight you can thanks to the wonders of RSS!  Just follow these simple steps:
1. Enter "Edit Mode" of your space.
2. Click "Customize"
3. In the "Modules" dropdown, select "RSS Feed"
4. Save your layout
To associate a feed with that module, just click "Edit" on that module.  You’ll be presented with some sample feeds or you can type in any feed URL.  Give it a name and the number of items you want to appear on your space and you’re finished! 
One more thing is, Windows Live Favorites is available too…  The beauty of this feature is, you’re in charge of what you want to share… not microsoft.

Permissions & Friends
You may have noticed that in the Permissions drop-down for your space and profile/contact information, you now see options for "Friends" and "Friends of my Friends". 
The Friends list is only available in Australia at this time.  But selecting these options won’t hurt you if your spaces isn’t in Australia.  Since you technically have no Friends in this case (sorry!) giving them permission to something doesn’t actually do anything. 
So why are these options even there?  Well, if your space has been setup in Australia the options are actually functional today.  But also because those options will soon do something for non-Australian spaces as well.  You’ll have the ability to have a "semi-private" space, only allowing people to view your content who are friends or friends of your friends.  You’ll also be able to do the same thing for your general or social profile information and your contact information.  Privacy and control are good things.

Live Expo Module

Check out this post from Team Expo (snippet)

Today, we’re thrilled to launch our integration with MSN Spaces.  This integration allows you to post a free listing on Expo and have an abstract and thumbnail image displayed automatically on the front page of your MSN Space.  Visitors to your Space can view abstracts from your different Expo listings and click directly to view more information and communicate with you via IM or anonymous messaging.

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One of the coolest parts about this integration is this: "By posting a listing on Expo, your Space is updated, your MSN Messenger contact card is updated, and you gleam to your Messenger buddies.  We hope that this automatic ‘promotion’ of your listing among those who share your interests provides the right kind of directed traffic to your listing."
This feature is only available in the U.S. right now.  As Expo expands to more international markets, so will this feature…  You can check it out by heading over to and posting a new entry, opting to also share it on your space.  Enjoy!