Though it was my birthday, for me it was just another Sunday.
But for my roomies, it was another reason to celebrate.
We partied on Saturday night till 4 in the morning !!
So was feeling dizzy for the whole Sunday.

I could have planned it in a better way.
Rather than drinking tons of wine, i could have meditated till 4 in the morning.
I could have visited Preet Mandir and could have sponsered the breakfast for the orphan childrens rather than throwing party for my friends.

I could have gone home and could have made my granny happy.
But sometimes, you just can’t execute the things the way you want to.

Good part was all my friends who have lost the touch and exist only on internet called me up and wished me.
Wishes are still flowing in, even though two days have passed.
For a change, rather than going outside we cooked our food at home that day.
Mona with the help of Didi prepared delicious Paw-Bhaji.
Mithila kept me calling to make my day.
But nothing could make me feel special.

It was just another Sunday.
It was just another birth day..