Union Budget 2006

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Finance Minister is presenting Union Budget 2006 today.
Here are the highlights as on 1.00 pm

  • 12 textile industry parks to be set up
  • An allocation of Rs 189 crore provided for this
  • A National Jute Board to be set up
  • Like woolmark, there will be a handloom mark to certify quality
  • A window to be created for equity participation and viability gap funding for the growth of sunrise IT sector
  • Tax rationalisation for jewellary and gems import
  • Food Processing Sector to be a priority sector for bank credit
  • 15 tourist areas to be developed
  • Services sector put on par with manufacturing sector
  • SMEs in service sector to get the status of SSI in manufacturing sector
  • Rs 1500 cr allocation to boost telephone connectivity
  • Plan allocation for shipping up 37 pc
  • Bill on cellular telephony in rural areas soon
  • 40,000 more villages to be electrified under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidhyutikaran Yojana
  • 82 power projects are in various stages of implementation in the country to overcome power shortage
  • Work on to identify a deep draft port in West Bengal
  • To promote India as a semi-conductor hub
  • Introduction of a comprehensive bill on insurance in 2007
  • Biotechnology will be the big focus in FY 06-07
  • 180 items to be de-reserved from SSI list
  • Thrust industries: textile and food processing
  • Rs 97 crore for upgrading IITs
  • FII investment limit in stock markets will be raised from $1.75 billion to $2 billion
  • National e-governnace plan to be approved shortly
  • Telephone connection on demand in rural areas in three years
  • Raise in the aggregate investment of overseas investors from $1billion to $1 billion
  • An investment protection fund under the aegis of SEBI would be set up
  • Rs 100 crore special grant for Punjab Agricultural University
  • Food fertilizer and petroleum industries to be under subsidies
  • Defence budget raised to Rs 89,000 crore in 2006-07 from Rs 83,000 crore last year
  • Rs 37,458 crore would be capital expenditure in defence


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    Take a joy ride with Taxi No 9211

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    I watched Taxi no 9211 this week-end.
    Bollywood has certainly come out of the age. The movie making style has improved by leaps and bounds.
    We no longer make movies based on star values, age old love stories, hundered dupatta-chunri songs and loud humor.
    Now, movies are distributed as a commercial product, with sleek design, good production values, nice humor and innovative and meaningful stories.

    Taxi no 9211 falls under this category.
    The story is picked straight out of the real life. Charectorisation is just perfect. It couldn’t have any other combination better than Nana Patekar and John Abraham.
    Movie has Bombay in the backdrop. It tells the story of one day in the life of two opposite personalities.
    How they meet, collide and spoil their lives.
    And the story ends with a message. Overall a nice product from Sippy’s production house after Bluff Master.

    I don’t want to get into the story as i want you to enjoy the film. Its unpredictable and fun to watch. Songs are nice and Nana rocks the show. Watch out for Sonali Kulkarni as a middle class housewife. She is lokking sexier than ever. John is too good and looked confident for the first time while handeling intese sequences.

    Don’t miss this movie. It entertains.

     Download Songs, Wallpapers of Taxi No 9211

    Office Live is Live !

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    Office Live is a new service offered by Microsoft’s Live initiative.
    Dare (Program Manager at Microsoft) gives more info about it in his space.. 


    Office Live is Live


    Office Live is now live at http://www.officelive.com. As I mentioned yesterday, our team has been working closely with the folks behind Office Live. This means that I got the hook up with regards to early access to the service. I’ve heard it’s okay to post screenshots so I’ll be posting some with my review of the service. There are 3 basic SKUs of the service

    1. Office Live Basics: This service makes it easy for a small business to create and manage its website. It features all the basics you need to create your first Web site including free Web hosting, Web site statistics, a personalized domain name (bring your own domain or get one through Microsoft), and up to 5 e-mail accounts for your domain.

    2. Office Live Collaboration: This service makes it easy to store, share, and manage your everyday business information in one central online location. Users can create any number of password-protected Web sites for collaborating among internal employees and external customers, suppliers, and vendors. The service provides access to business applications for managing one’s customer relationships, employees and project management.

    3. Office Live Essentials:  A combination of the Basics and Collaboration SKUs with a few more benefits such as getting 50 email accounts instead of just 5 with your custom domain. 

    Office Live is a mix of a number of core services a small business needs to exist today. It gives them a domain registrar, email hosting, internal and external web site hosting, as well as line of business applications all in a single place.


    This new service enabled me to fulfill one of my long time desire..
    To create a .com domain for my name.
    Make it a point to visit www.harshalkatre.com
    (Its under construction at the moment)

    Cast and crew for Casino Royale, the 21st Bond film..

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    The complete cast and crew for Casino Royale, the 21st Bond film, has been revealed, including the new Bond baddie.
    And such new faces ensure we can’t help but look at this fresh outing as a rather raw expedition.
    Check it out here.

    Meditation of the week

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    Double-Pointed Watching


    Gurdjieff used to tell his disciples, “When the arrow of your consciousness becomes double-pointed, when your consciousness begins to flower at both ends, you will become an enlightened being.” Gurdjieff’s efforts in directing his disciples were all to this end. When you look at someone, look at him, but also keep trying to look at your own self: “I am looking, I am the observer.” Then you are sharpening the other edge of the arrow of your consciousness. One end is directed towards the object you see.

    Don’t leave the world of objects. Rather, try to become aware of both the subject and the object simultaneously, the outer and the inner simultaneously. If both are there, only then can you be balanced between them.

    Try this: in any way just become neutral, indifferent. Suddenly mind has no function. If you are for, you can think; if you are against, you can think. If you are neither for nor against, what is left to think? Be indifferent to the extremes. A balancing happens. This balancing will give you a new dimension of feeling where you are both the knower and the known, the world and the other world, this and that, the body and the mind. You are both and, simultaneously, neither — above both. A triangle has come into existence.

    Osho: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol.2, #25

    Love or attachment?

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    Drop the idea that attachment and love are one thing.
    They are enemies. It is attachment that destroys all love.
    If you feed, if you nourish attachment, love will be destroyed;
    if you feed and nourish love, attachment will fall away by itself.
    They are not one;
    they are two separate entities, and antagonistic to each other.

    Just another birth day..

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    Though it was my birthday, for me it was just another Sunday.
    But for my roomies, it was another reason to celebrate.
    We partied on Saturday night till 4 in the morning !!
    So was feeling dizzy for the whole Sunday.

    I could have planned it in a better way.
    Rather than drinking tons of wine, i could have meditated till 4 in the morning.
    I could have visited Preet Mandir and could have sponsered the breakfast for the orphan childrens rather than throwing party for my friends.

    I could have gone home and could have made my granny happy.
    But sometimes, you just can’t execute the things the way you want to.

    Good part was all my friends who have lost the touch and exist only on internet called me up and wished me.
    Wishes are still flowing in, even though two days have passed.
    For a change, rather than going outside we cooked our food at home that day.
    Mona with the help of Didi prepared delicious Paw-Bhaji.
    Mithila kept me calling to make my day.
    But nothing could make me feel special.

    It was just another Sunday.
    It was just another birth day..


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