I have always been a fan of Microsoft.
They come up with more user friendly softwares than one another.
Believe me, i tried hundreds of blogging services before settling on MSN Spaces.
They just keep improving the perfection.
Mike talks about the list of newly added features..


BIG update to MSN Spaces

Today begins a new era of computing.  Your life will never be the same.  Seriously.
Well, OK… not really.  Your life will probably be the same… and today may not really indicate the start of a new era of computing – but it’s still a very exciting day for the MSN Spaces team and (hopefully) for our users.  We’ve just released a bunch of new features today, many of which we’ve been working on for quite some time… and most of which were suggested by you guys!
Here’s an overview list of everything I can think of.  The Space Craft has a summary of the release as well.  Take a look and leave some feedback for the team!  Of course there are hundreds of other fixes and modifications that aren’t on this list.  I’d be typing all day if I tried to capture it all…
  • Spaces Search.  This is an incredibly cool feature that lets you find interesting spaces based on keyword, a user’s profile information, or by clicking on most popular interests across all of spaces.  You can also run a search from any space just by clicking "Search Spaces" in the header above.  One thing to mention about the search feature is that it will be ramping up for a few days – but you can help make it better!  Learn more about this on The Space Craft.
  • Mobile Search from Mobile Spaces!  Search for spaces from your mobile device.  Mike Smuga will be talking about this more over on his space soon.
  • Your own advertising on your space (as an option) to make money from clicks – powered by Kanoodle!  (This feature is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.)
  • Book lists with Amazon integration.  Automatically insert information from Amazon.com directly into your book list – and again, make money through Amazon Associates when people end up buying the book!  It’s very cool (by the way, our book is called Share Your Story if you want to add it to your book list 🙂
  • Better blog navigation.  This feature is one of those things we needed to do.  You can now "view more entries" at the bottom of the page, and navigate through Previous and Next pages while looking through blog entries.
  • Customized blog entry display.  Choose how you want your blog entries to appear, by date or entry title.  This is a great feature for people who write essays or incredibly insightful posts once a month.  Date isn’t really important in this case, whereas sorting by entry title may make more sense.
  • Integrated Help.  Confused?  Click the Learn link in the header above to figure out what to do next!
  • Enhanced Profile including General, Social, and Contact Info sections.  Each section will have it’s own permissions so any part you would like to limit access to (say your personal contact information), you can do it.  There’s also an updated profile module for the homepage with an actionable photo; anytime you see someone’s picture anywhere you can right-click (or click on the down arrow) to view their contact card, space, profile, and more.
  • Live Contacts Beta!  Brand new feature which you’ll see popping up throughout Windows Live in time.  Wha