Mona went to Bombay


Mona went to Bombay this yesterday.
He has got a new job there.
We both have been trying to avoid this moment since he passed out. He tried hard to get a job here but couldn’t find suitable one.
And finally he had no option but to join IDBI securities.

This is not for the first time he is going to Bombay. He has been there for number of times.
He used to return after couple of days.
But this time he is not going to come back. Bombay is going to be his new home.
This has to happen some day.

Few years back when he left Amravati to come Pune, I became the loneliest man on the earth.
We share so many small things together that I feel handicapped when he is not around.
I never look into my accounts and never pay attention to anything.
Now I’ll have to do everything of my own.
Everything including taking clothes to the laundry to managing my cheque book.

But he has left many memories behind him.
My laptop is still showing ‘Mona’ as logged on.. whos gonna log him out now?
Now, no one will shatter the keys till late night jut surfing the net..
Now, I will not shout on anyone for buying the things for 10Rs which are not even worth 5Rs.
I won’t find a guy sleeping besides me with an opened mouth when I’ll get up tomorrow morning.

I couldn’t stop my tears from rolling out when I passed through the road where we first discovered that he needs a spec and can’t read the names written on the shops.
I returned home heavy heartedly after waving him goodbye.
I know this feeling won’t last long. Soon we’ll both accept the things as they are.

Bombay will teach him lot of things. The city will make him tough and independent.
He must learn the essential thing called “duniyadari”
I hope the environment of professionalism will not spoil his pure soul.

मोना, तू गेल्यावर मी रडणार नाही..
अनूज,पंकज, दीदी, गूड्डी, विशाल.. कोणीही रडणार नाही..
तर, आपण केलेल्या मस्त्या आठवून आम्ही खूप हसू..
पोट दूखेपर्यंत हसू..
हसून हसून डोळ्यात पाणि येइल येवढच..