Google Pack: A free collection of essential softwares..

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Google has come up with a new product..

It has got free softwares like Google earth, Picasa, Mozilla FireFox, Nortan Anitvirus 2007, Acrobat Reader 7 and optional components like Google talk, Real Player and Trillian.
I’m still wondering why Google has come up with this one.
All these softwares are already available since ages in magazine CDs.
And the products like Nortan antivirus and Real player aren’t really free. One has to pay for the regular updates.

My experiences:
Google Earth: I got bored within 15 minutes after playing with Google Earth. After searching for some places i started to loose my interest and uninstalled it after few days i hardly use it and dont want to waste my disc space by storing it.
Mozilla FireFox: Mark my words.. Its the best browser around. It has got tabbed interface, pop-up blocker, very effective image filtering, dowload manager and integrated search. Its fast and stable. You dont need anything if you got this.

Real Player: Naah.. I’m a iTunes lover. Real player neither has quality and nor does its feature rich. Avoid it.
Picasa: I’ve only one word to describe it.. Amazing! Yes, it organizes and enhances photos. Its fun to work with it. Its addictive. Check out the photo frame and TimeLine feature.

Bottom Line:
Download the Google pack only for these application. And DO NOT RUN THEM ON STARTUP.
They are resource hungry.

Words of wisdom..

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