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In marathi, RajKaran means politics.
And Mr. Raj Thacheray is living truely to its meaning.
According to a breaking news, over 2500 Shiv sainiks have resigned from Shiv Sena to join Raj Thackeray’s new party. And that not over, 3500 more workers are expected to join him shortly.
Thats what i call politics.. Divide and rule.

Balasaheb Thacheray was quit unafraid when Rane left Shiv Sena, same when Raj followed.
Narayan Rane surprised him by winning with comfortable margin and Raj is all set to shatter the roofs of ‘Matoshri’.
Seems like a movie script..
Ramu, are you listening ??


The King Kong – Theatrical Trailer

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King Kong – Theatrical Trailer
King Kong for the new millenium, a group of explorers and documentary filmmakers travel to the mysterious Skull Island to investigate legends of a giant gorilla named Kong.

Courtesy of IFILM

I’m planning to watch this movie since last two weeks but not getting the time.. and company.
Friends just run away from me when i propose to go for this movie.
But its certainly not to missed.
Even mike has praised the animation of King-Kong.
It has also got dynasours.. An trailer is also impressive.
Lets see if i can watch it this week-end..