Disidentify from your Thoughts

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Meditation of the week

Close your eyes, then focus both of them just in the middle of the two eyebrows, as if you are looking there with your two eyes. Give total attention to it.

At the right point, suddenly your eyes will become fixed. And if your attention is there, you will experience a strange phenomenon: for the first time you will see thoughts running before you; you will become the witness. It is just like a film screen: thoughts are running and you are a witness.

Ordinarily you are not the witness, you are identified with thoughts. If anger is there, you become anger. If a thought moves you are not the witness; you become one with the thought, identified, and you move with it. You become the thought; you take the form of the thought. When sex is there you become sex, when anger is there you become anger, when greed is there you become greed. Any thought moving becomes identified with you; you do not have any gap between you and the thought.

But focused at the third eye, suddenly you become a witness. Through the third eye you can see thoughts running like clouds in the sky, or people moving on the street.

                                           -Excerpted from The Book of Secrets by OSHO

Talking about BIG update to MSN Spaces

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I have always been a fan of Microsoft.
They come up with more user friendly softwares than one another.
Believe me, i tried hundreds of blogging services before settling on MSN Spaces.
They just keep improving the perfection.
Mike talks about the list of newly added features..


BIG update to MSN Spaces

Today begins a new era of computing.  Your life will never be the same.  Seriously.
Well, OK… not really.  Your life will probably be the same… and today may not really indicate the start of a new era of computing – but it’s still a very exciting day for the MSN Spaces team and (hopefully) for our users.  We’ve just released a bunch of new features today, many of which we’ve been working on for quite some time… and most of which were suggested by you guys!
Here’s an overview list of everything I can think of.  The Space Craft has a summary of the release as well.  Take a look and leave some feedback for the team!  Of course there are hundreds of other fixes and modifications that aren’t on this list.  I’d be typing all day if I tried to capture it all…
  • Spaces Search.  This is an incredibly cool feature that lets you find interesting spaces based on keyword, a user’s profile information, or by clicking on most popular interests across all of spaces.  You can also run a search from any space just by clicking "Search Spaces" in the header above.  One thing to mention about the search feature is that it will be ramping up for a few days – but you can help make it better!  Learn more about this on The Space Craft.
  • Mobile Search from Mobile Spaces!  Search for spaces from your mobile device.  Mike Smuga will be talking about this more over on his space soon.
  • Your own advertising on your space (as an option) to make money from clicks – powered by Kanoodle!  (This feature is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.)
  • Book lists with Amazon integration.  Automatically insert information from Amazon.com directly into your book list – and again, make money through Amazon Associates when people end up buying the book!  It’s very cool (by the way, our book is called Share Your Story if you want to add it to your book list 🙂
  • Better blog navigation.  This feature is one of those things we needed to do.  You can now "view more entries" at the bottom of the page, and navigate through Previous and Next pages while looking through blog entries.
  • Customized blog entry display.  Choose how you want your blog entries to appear, by date or entry title.  This is a great feature for people who write essays or incredibly insightful posts once a month.  Date isn’t really important in this case, whereas sorting by entry title may make more sense.
  • Integrated Help.  Confused?  Click the Learn link in the header above to figure out what to do next!
  • Enhanced Profile including General, Social, and Contact Info sections.  Each section will have it’s own permissions so any part you would like to limit access to (say your personal contact information), you can do it.  There’s also an updated profile module for the homepage with an actionable photo; anytime you see someone’s picture anywhere you can right-click (or click on the down arrow) to view their contact card, space, profile, and more.
  • Live Contacts Beta!  Brand new feature which you’ll see popping up throughout Windows Live in time.  Wha

Talking about New Vista for the Outsourcing Market

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New Vista for the Outsourcing Market

The Wall St. Journal just ran a really sad story. The writer apparently interviewed a number of US computer science students who…outsource their homework. Yeah, that’s right. They used a site called Rent A Coder, which matches Indian programmers up with US-based projects on a bidding basis.
Do a search on this site with the keyword ‘homework’ and you get over 1000 hits. Not huge, but certainly worthy of being called a trend.
Wonder if those expenses are covered by student loans?
And what are these kids going to do after they graduate? Outsource their individual work assignments?
(via Slashdot)

Now listen to FM radio on your iPod

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Wait is over.
Apple announced the iPod Radio Remote which combines the convenience of a wired remote control with new FM radio capabilities for the iPod nano and fifth generation iPod.
You can control everything on your iPod with this wired remote which is a part of the package.

About the FM Radio
Just plug in your iPod Radio Remote and select "Radio" from the main iPod menu. Tuning takes place right there in the color display with your Click Wheel, just as you’d set a classic analog radio. Easily mark a favorite station for quick access later, and switch between favorite stations using either the iPod or the remote.

If you’re listening to a station that supports the Radio Data System (RDS) standard, you can even see song title/artist or radio station information in the iPod display.* The iPod Radio Remote supports FM stations from 87.5 to 107.9MHz (in both the US and European standards) and 76 to 90MHz (the Japanese standard). You can switch between the different standards when traveling.

About the Remote Control
With the wired remote, you can control slideshow, video and music playback — adjust volume, skip forward/back within a playlist — plus switch between radio stations and turn the radio on or off, even if your iPod is in your pocket or backpack. Clip the remote to your lapel, shirt or collar for easy access, and activate the hold switch to eliminate unwanted button presses.

At just over half an ounce in weight (15.7 grams), the compact remote features a simple, familiar interface and plugs into the Dock connection on your iPod or iPod nano. The included pair of Apple Earphones has a cable that’s a few inches shorter than a standard earphone cable, making it the perfect fit. You can plug it into the 3.5mm stereo minijack port on the remote, or use another favorite set of earphones.

Because the iPod Radio Remote is powered by the iPod itself — no extra batteries required — using the FM radio will affect iPod playback time.

Pricing & Availability
The iPod Radio Remote includes a pair of Apple headphones with a shorter cable, perfectly complementing the iPod Radio Remote and will begin shipping immediately for $49 (US). The iPod displays station and song information for stations that support the Radio Data System (RDS).

Amazing stuff!
I think i need to start saving now 🙂

Search has just got better..

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I know, for most of us the word ‘Search’ means Google.
Whatever the thing it can be, we just google it and find it in seconds..
But let me introduce a new search engine to you..
Visit http://beta.previewseek.com/
Its simple but extremly powerful.

Now the question is: How it is better than Google?
Try this test.. Just search for the word ‘Java’ in both the search engines and see the results.
PreviewSeek classifies the results into relevent categories.
You might want to search for an island called Java but Google gives you almost all the results related to the language.
You can even get the preview of the site before opening it.
Rather than explaining its features, I would suggest to have a look.
Test it with different keywords.

Also try AOL’s search engine.. Its kind of similar but i still perefer PreviewSeek.
Happy searching !

Road Ahead.. memories behind

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Mona went to Bombay


Mona went to Bombay this yesterday.
He has got a new job there.
We both have been trying to avoid this moment since he passed out. He tried hard to get a job here but couldn’t find suitable one.
And finally he had no option but to join IDBI securities.

This is not for the first time he is going to Bombay. He has been there for number of times.
He used to return after couple of days.
But this time he is not going to come back. Bombay is going to be his new home.
This has to happen some day.

Few years back when he left Amravati to come Pune, I became the loneliest man on the earth.
We share so many small things together that I feel handicapped when he is not around.
I never look into my accounts and never pay attention to anything.
Now I’ll have to do everything of my own.
Everything including taking clothes to the laundry to managing my cheque book.

But he has left many memories behind him.
My laptop is still showing ‘Mona’ as logged on.. whos gonna log him out now?
Now, no one will shatter the keys till late night jut surfing the net..
Now, I will not shout on anyone for buying the things for 10Rs which are not even worth 5Rs.
I won’t find a guy sleeping besides me with an opened mouth when I’ll get up tomorrow morning.

I couldn’t stop my tears from rolling out when I passed through the road where we first discovered that he needs a spec and can’t read the names written on the shops.
I returned home heavy heartedly after waving him goodbye.
I know this feeling won’t last long. Soon we’ll both accept the things as they are.

Bombay will teach him lot of things. The city will make him tough and independent.
He must learn the essential thing called “duniyadari”
I hope the environment of professionalism will not spoil his pure soul.

मोना, तू गेल्यावर मी रडणार नाही..
अनूज,पंकज, दीदी, गूड्डी, विशाल.. कोणीही रडणार नाही..
तर, आपण केलेल्या मस्त्या आठवून आम्ही खूप हसू..
पोट दूखेपर्यंत हसू..
हसून हसून डोळ्यात पाणि येइल येवढच..

Google Pack: A free collection of essential softwares..

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Google has come up with a new product..

It has got free softwares like Google earth, Picasa, Mozilla FireFox, Nortan Anitvirus 2007, Acrobat Reader 7 and optional components like Google talk, Real Player and Trillian.
I’m still wondering why Google has come up with this one.
All these softwares are already available since ages in magazine CDs.
And the products like Nortan antivirus and Real player aren’t really free. One has to pay for the regular updates.

My experiences:
Google Earth: I got bored within 15 minutes after playing with Google Earth. After searching for some places i started to loose my interest and uninstalled it after few days i hardly use it and dont want to waste my disc space by storing it.
Mozilla FireFox: Mark my words.. Its the best browser around. It has got tabbed interface, pop-up blocker, very effective image filtering, dowload manager and integrated search. Its fast and stable. You dont need anything if you got this.

Real Player: Naah.. I’m a iTunes lover. Real player neither has quality and nor does its feature rich. Avoid it.
Picasa: I’ve only one word to describe it.. Amazing! Yes, it organizes and enhances photos. Its fun to work with it. Its addictive. Check out the photo frame and TimeLine feature.

Bottom Line:
Download the Google pack only for these application. And DO NOT RUN THEM ON STARTUP.
They are resource hungry.

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