I’m back.
Had a wonderful week at home. Nothing can beat spending time with family during the festival like Diwali.
Everyone including all the cousins, relatives, old friends were in Amravati last week.
Unfortunately Mithila n family were not around. They usually go to Yawatmal for Diwali.
Had lots of samosas, panipuries and other stuff which ultimately resulted in bad throat.
Its very relaxing to be at home.
I would get up early (7am is too early for me), then i would get the body massage, then ‘utana’ from mumy, bath with a warm water and finally homely food.. its heaven.

Its same old story when i came back yesterday in Pune.
Breakfast at roadside restaurant, Pune traffic signals, Stock market, deadlines by TL and the Tiffin food.
But i like it 🙂


Anyways, i’m planning to give this space a brand new look.
I’m planning to convert it into a net magazine. Which will have regular sections on Technology, Politics, Sports, Films, Business and other stuff. It’ll contain more articles from me rather than the ones which i pick from the net.

Let me explore the writer within me.


Happy reading.