Empty yourself..

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 When you have emptied all the content — thoughts, desires, memories, projections,
hopes — when all is gone, for the first time you find yourself, because you are nothing but that pure space, that virgin space within you.
Unburdened by anything, that contentless consciousness, that´s what you are! Seeing it, realizing it, one is free. One is freedom, one is joy, one is bliss.

No thought of the Day by OSHO

iPod video : A dream gadget


iPod.. its a dream gadget.
Every third person in my team has it.. I dont have.

Few months back, when i was just about to ask my friend in US to get one for me, Apple launced iPod with photo capabilities.. at the same price (20GB).
Later when i made my mind to buy that marvel, Apple came up with iPod nano !
Now thats seriosly sexy piece of technology. Its just about the size of credit card and is as light as a feather.
But it has its own limitations, its comes only in 2GB and 4GB. Priced at around INR 11,500.
Doesn’t make sense.

And just when i was evaluating other options, Apple again came up with iPod video! Its thin, plays videos, stores pictures, syncs with MS OutLook and yes plays songs too.
Price: INR 13,500 apx. Sounds good.

But i’m still confused. Can’t priorities my needs.
I need a good cell phone too.
Should i go for Sony Ericsson’s P910i or buy a entry level phone and get an iPod? Is it worth spending?
Don’t know.. but can’t resist the temptation of buying it.
It has PIM features too. So it should satisfy my need of information manager.
And yes, i can show off some kewl videos to my colleagues and envy them.

They say, iPod is a perfect gift for someone you like.
Anybody listening??


No-thought of the day

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 If you are absolutely without mind, just pure consciousness,
time stops completely, disappears, leaving no trace behind.

Harry is coming !!

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And finally Harry Potter is coming !!
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire has been premiered in New York on Nov 13.

Its getting released in Pune on 18th.
I’m planning to watch it at Inox and will book my tickets earlier enough.

Things to watch out for:
* Breathtaking action sequences

* Harry’s new girl friend
* Growen up Hermione Granger
* And Lord Voldemort

Check out its review on rediff. 

Don’t analyze, celebrate !

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 Forget all about figuring it out what it is. Rather, live it; rather, enjoy it!
Don’t analyze, celebrate it.

How to Create a Personal Playlist for Use in Windows Media Player

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To create a playlist for use in Windows Media Player, use either of the following methods:

Method 1

1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad.
2. Create a text file that includes the full path to the files you want to include.

3. On the File menu, click Save. Save the file with one of the following extensions, based on the types of files included.

For files of type .wav, .mp3, .mpg, or .mpeg, use the extension .m3u.
For files of type .asf, use the extension .asx.

For example, to sequentially play the Chord.wav, Ding.wav, and Chimes.wav files, include the following lines:


Save this file as Filename.m3u, where Filename is the name you want to use for the file. When you double-click this file or open it in Windows Media Player, it plays the files in order from the top of the file to the bottom.

This information also applies to most third-party media player utilities, such as Winamp. For example, if Winamp is the default player for .mp3 files, Winamp starts when you double-click the file.

Method 2

You can use the dir command to port the contents of a folder to a file that can be used as a playlist. To do so:

1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt.
2. Change directories to the folder that contains the media files for which you want to create a playlist.
3. Type dir /b>playlist.m3u, and then press ENTER.
Or, to write the file names to the playlist in alphabetical order, type dir /b/on>playlist.m3u

This creates a file named Playlist.m3u that contains the contents of the folder and plays them sequentially. You can also use other command-line switches with the dir command to modify the order in which the files are listed in the playlist. Type dir /? at a command prompt for information about the command-line switches for the dir command.


This week in Harshal’s world

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I’m back.
Had a wonderful week at home. Nothing can beat spending time with family during the festival like Diwali.
Everyone including all the cousins, relatives, old friends were in Amravati last week.
Unfortunately Mithila n family were not around. They usually go to Yawatmal for Diwali.
Had lots of samosas, panipuries and other stuff which ultimately resulted in bad throat.
Its very relaxing to be at home.
I would get up early (7am is too early for me), then i would get the body massage, then ‘utana’ from mumy, bath with a warm water and finally homely food.. its heaven.

Its same old story when i came back yesterday in Pune.
Breakfast at roadside restaurant, Pune traffic signals, Stock market, deadlines by TL and the Tiffin food.
But i like it 🙂


Anyways, i’m planning to give this space a brand new look.
I’m planning to convert it into a net magazine. Which will have regular sections on Technology, Politics, Sports, Films, Business and other stuff. It’ll contain more articles from me rather than the ones which i pick from the net.

Let me explore the writer within me.


Happy reading.