Purposeless life..

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 Life is its own purpose; it is not a means to some end, it is an end unto itself.
The bird on the wing, the rose in the wind, the sun rising in the morning, the stars in the night, a man falling in love with a woman, a child playing on the street…
there is no purpose.
Life simply enjoying itself, delighting in itself.
Energy overflowing, dancing, for no purpose at all.

Pune rain, causing pain

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Its really frustrating. And its getting from bad to worst.
Its been raining since a week now.
Each day I’ve to return home all wet.
This monsoon is turning out to be the most frustrating one.
Since last two days, its raining like hell in Amravati & Nagpur too. And people there are happy and telling stories of the rain !!
And here i’ve almost forgot the colour of the Sun!
And this Ganesh Chaturthi crowd is creating more mess than ever..
And roads…. ?? Man, ‘tyanchi tar waat lagli aahe".
I was about to meet with an accident yesterday because of the potholes.

Here is the thery of Pune roads..

  • Between any two potholes there is always a road
  • If matters get worse, one pothole is always smaller than the other.
  • Never follow a car when you drive, follow just one tyre of the car
  • The depth of a pothole is inversely proportional to its visibility.
  • The probability of a passing by lorry splashing mud on you is directly proportional to the importance of the occasion you are dressed up for.
  • No matter what you wear you will get wet.
  • No matter what you do, you cannot avoid a pothole, avoiding one will lead you into the other

    Deva, aata tari ha paus thambaw re..