I’m one of those crazy Batman fans who have grown up watching the good old Batman cartoon and that classic serial on TV in which people open their windows while batman climbs on the walls of Gotham!

And if you can name all the members of Justice League and never miss a single episode of BATMAN : The animated series on cartoon network then folks, hold your breath… Batman Begins..

When I entered into the cinema hall I was overly excited and was expecting breath taking stunts and thrilling batman acts. But the starting of the film disappointed me. Director Christopher Nolan chose the Spiderman path and took nearly first half to explain how an orphan child escaped from his fears and turned into the brave BATMAN. I mean, first 20-30 minutes is ok for all this stuff, but whole first half ?? Christophersaab, I’m not here to watch a documentary on BATMAN, gimme some thunder storms, those “blew !!”, “Smash“, “Punch”, “Whew” bubbles !!

The film really took off in second half. BATMAN got all his gadgets, got his girl, got the villain ready and got me with the reloaded popcorn. In second half there were enough fireworks to make me believe those reports which claimed that the film is worth $100 millions !!

How Batman Began..
Bruce Wayne was a just another kid in his childhood until he witnessed the murder of his parents. A strong desire to eliminate corruption from Gotham city lands him into the jail. He escapes from there and gets rigorous training under a ninja cult leader. He returns to Gotham and creates his base inside a well. He overcomes all the difficulties and emerges as a super hero.


Christophersaab has taken a leaf off the James Bond book. In BATMAN BEGINS, Morgan Freeman as a Lucius Fox provides all the latest gadgets to Batman.

Michael Caine plays the character of Alfred Pennyworth, family servant of Batman. He is like a father to Batman. In a cartoon series, Alfred is humorous. But here he seems rather serious.


Now tell me, how many of you really don’t know about Tom cruise’s new girl friend?? You guessed it right. Katie Holmes plays Rachel Dawes as Batman’s love interest. But you might wonder how come Batman has a girl friend? My answer will be, why shouldn’t he ? I mean if Spiderman can have Jane, Superman can have Lois, Shaktiman can have Shanti then why can’t our Batman have Rachel ? After all, all these girls have to do is to make super hero’s life more difficult in the end by making him rescue themselves from villain’s changul. 

Rachel also does nothing and appears now and then just to make sure that she is there. No, there are no bold scenes of this sexy actress. It’s a completely family affair and there is only one kiss in the end just before the credits roll out, so that mothers can take their kids out of the cinema hall while fathers wait to see if they have left anything behind.


I’d prefer not to reveal anything about the villain. I leave it for you to discover.


Something about Batman..

Christian Bale fits perfectly under the mask of Batman. Known for his unconventional and critically acclaimed roles, Christian plays BATMAN effortlessly. I didn’t like him in the first half as I’d hardly seen him on the screen before. I wished we could have much better star material like Tom cruise. But later on, Christian catches your attention and succeeds in winning your heart.

He looks rich as a millionaire Bruce Wayne and tough as a BATMAN. He has played his part very well but I still feel the need of more stylish hero. It was spidy’s web spinning style and cute face which made the character lovable, it was Tom cruise’s catch line, “This message will self-destruct in five seconds” which made mission impossible a great watch and it was Pierce Brosnan’s destructive mood which makes you come for more.

But there is no such case with the Batman. He clearly lacks the style.
Never mind, we’ll wait for the sequel.


Batman Ends..

Its time to give the final verdict.

Yes, I liked the BATMAN BEGINS. I liked it because I belong to the huge fan club of bat crazy people. But I still prefer the Batman:  The Animated Series on Cartoon Network. The movie tries too hard to be real and doesn’t try to make the character of BATMAN larger than life as other super heroes.

But what I feel is, when the character itself is imaginary then why show the reality ?

Anyways, the movie has got some good action sequences and well made sets. One defiantly misses the light humor. The movie is dark and serious.  Christophersaab could have added some relief with few lighter moments (like Spiderman 2). Alfred takes care of it in animated series.
And yes, I need more stylish BATMAN.

So, as we don’t have any good release this week, you can safely go for this movie. It entertains.

But in coming weeks, it will face a tough competition from Paheli and Sarkar.


My Verdict : * * *


(PS: Shaktiman’s girlfriend’s name is not Shanti . I faked it as I’m sure no one knows the real name. Apologies.)