Last week-end I watched PARINEETA. I had an option to watch Mr & Mrs Smith but preferred this one. The reason was simple. I’m a great fan of Vidhu vinod Chopra. He has churned out masterpieces like 1942: A love story, my all time favorite Parinda, Mission Kashmir and recent blockbuster Munnabhai MBBS.

PARINEETA  started with a strong note. Amitabh narrated the lifestyle of Calcutta. PARINEETA has a backdrop of 1960s and the film wears a sepia tone throughout. In one of the interviews, vidhu vinod chopra said that 90% cast of the film was bengoli. Even the scenes which were shot inside the closed room were shot in Calcutta! Believe me its very authentic. When i was learning even management, my teacher used to say, "God lies in details". Seems, vidhu is well aware of this fact. Great care has been taken for detailing while shooting every single frame. Cinematography is simply brilliant.

PARINEETA is a story of childhood friends. Circumstances create misunderstandings between them but they happily unite in the end. As simple as that. You might say, I’ve seen this kind of story for some thousand times in Hindi cinema. You are right, but this film is ‘different’. I mean it. The treatment is really very different.

The girl who plays lead as Lolita, might walk away with best debutant award this time. Vidya Balan has delivered a knockout performance. She excels in every department and manages to look sexy in sari 🙂
But its saif who stills the show. In his interview, vidhu said saif wasn’t his first choice. He explicitly asked for this role. Vidhu was not sure if saif will be able to do it. But saif surely proved him wrong. He has come out of his chocolaty-confused-girl crazy kinda boy image and proved that he handle more mature roles. Sometimes, he impresses even without saying a word. His silence is enough to make the impact.
Another character who deserves a special mention is Sabyasachi Chakraborty. He plays saif’s father. He has delivered a surprise performance as a strict businessman.
Sanjay dutt doesn’t get much to do. But his screen presence is enough to make you relate with the character.

PARINEETA  is more like a poetry. Some might compare it with DEVDAS, but this one is different. DEVDAS was passionate and was sad. This one digs more into relationships. And every relationship has been handled very well.
Don’t carry the huge expectations while going for this movie. But don’t miss it.  Its definitely worth watching. Its a good cinema and a visual treat.