Last few months have been quite eventful. Anuj got d job, I completed my 2nd sem of MCM, Mona finally finished his long study session, i visited home twice, Vinayak got married and Mithila finally cleared her 12th class exam (and also completed 18yrs !)
There is much lesser work in office these days. I rarely get any bug to fix. All i do is sip my coffee, chat with Mithila, check out the stock quotes & yes surf the net. I know i should invest my time in studying new technology. But rather than reading any informative material, i waste my time in reading blogs. I waste my time in testing various free services offered by MSN and Yahoo guys.
Lot of things are pending. I’ve not collected my PGDBM certificate from Symbiosis. I’ve not done the last formalities of GNIIT, i’ve to fix the zip of my jackets and pay my electricity bill. Anuj, as a room partener is very careless and never bothers about the bills. Now a days, number of persons in my room is always greater than the number of persons there should be.
Need to do something about it.
Both of my trips to Amravati were great. But the last one was little painful. As the temparature is very high in overall Vidarbha, i developed fever instantly after reaching there. But got recovered completely as soon as i landed in Pune. My april trip was little longer and i got to spend enough time with everyone. I went to Yawatmal with yogesh mama on bike, i went to chickaldara with mom and had lot of fun.
Got a new cell few weeks back. Mona is roaming across the cities for audit. Should return by this week end. Will write more often on this space.
Now, its time to go back to the mails, stock market and other blogs.