What a boring week-end it was. Watched a dumb movie and spent rest of the time in watching TV.
Friday night was very rocking as Antony threw a cocktail party at ABC farms. I had plenty of cocktails and number of tequilas.

Saturday morning turned out to be disastrous as we went to watch Bunty Aur Babli . The movie was one of the dumbest movies I had ever seen. We are overly excited to watch this movie because of Amitabh’s special get up. He played a cop in the movie. But he got much lesser screen time and that too rather boring.
Abhishek Bachhan plays Bunty and Rani Mukharjee plays Babli  in the movie. Both belong to the small villages, and are day dreamers. One day frustrated with their daily boring life they run away from their homes and start cheating people to make money.
The screenplay was very unrealistic. Bunty aur Babli   rob the mob like our  Sachin smashes fours & sixes off the Zimbabwe bowlers. Its like a cakewalk for them. Its like you are playing a computer game and you know all the cheat codes. Then you can go anywhere, shoot anyone, and do anything without bothering about your health meter. Too dumb.
And then there are songs, songs and songs. They pop up anytime and without any context. You can sing a  song while running from the people you have just cheated, you can sing a song while you are with police officer and just anytime you want. Never mind the situations. Aishwarya looked gorgeous in one of the item number and the Rap song of Amitabh is saving grace.  

Our Bunty aur Babli  are so brave that they didn’t hesitate while selling the Taj Mahal to a foreigner, to steal Gold from a airplane even when Babli  is about to deliver a child. Wait.. I can’t resist myself from explaining the whole scene. It goes like this.. Babli  is pregnant but still she is on the Airport to steal some gold. She gives a prank call to Airport officers informing them about a bomb. Now, clever Amitabh calls back on her cell and follows the ring tone. Babli  is confused about what to do, her mobile is ringing, how to hide it? Amitabh  spots her in the crowd by hearing her ring tone. But Babli  finally escapes successfully. Chase doesn’t end here. Babli  starts to feel the pain. So Bunty takes her to the hospital. Amitabh guesses the situation and starts heading towards the hospital. But by the time he reaches Bunty aur Babli  are gone with their child!! Yes, you heard it right, Bunty delivered a child and ran away with it.
For some enthusiastic film freaks, who want to know the name of child.. the name is Pappu.

So, this is it about the movie. The more I’ll discuss about it, more I’ll start to feel dumb.
This time, Yash Raj films totally wasted a golden chance. The film got the nice promotion (Bunty aur Babli  played news readers on NDTV), great start cast (Aishwarya also does a special dance number) and good performances. But still it falls flat on face due to the lack of soulful script. Its like you have all the aces while playing cards but you still lose the game.
So dear folks,  stay home, stay safe, save your money, save your time and never ever even think of watching this movie. (You may recommend it your enemies)