Some tweaking of MSN Spaces..Try out…But be careful..loading these files might make your space a slow loading one..And try to put small videos though!!

You can share any of your Yahoo Briefcase’s file by linking its address to your MSN Space entry!!! Chek out the way!! Here it goes!!!

How To – Add music/video to your MSN space

First, you need to download a link that allows you to carry out html editing in your Blog.
Click HERE.
Now Do as the page tells you. i.e. Save EDIT IT in your favorites.
To do that right click on the Edit It and click, Add to Favorites… and save it in  the links folder.
Good. First part is done!

     Now go to your Space, click on blog.
     Add a New entry.
     Click on the Edit it Button in your Favorites.
     Some thing like this comes Below the entry.Check tick the Box.
Use HTML to create your page. 
     Edit the HTML formatting commands directly.
Copy the Code below into your blog entry.
<img dynsrc="" width=1 height=1 alt="Ain’t no sunshine…">

This is the music code.
You may replace the source with your own file.
The part in blue is where the music file is. Te smaller it is the better.
Now publish the entry and preview your Space.

The music takes a while to download, but once its done you can hear it every time you preview your Space.

Note:- The blog entry must be visible on your Space in order for the music to start, or else you can hear it only when you are posting a comment into that entry. So when you are choosing a layout for your Space make sure the blog is in the middle and not in the sides.

Now you don’t the like the music that I gave with the link. What you can do is Upload your own music to some site or use Yahoo briefcase.

Copy the link shortcut(where it is saved on line) and Paste it in the place of the Blue code.and then paste the whole code with Html editing on.


As For video..
You need to do the same Procedure But add a Different Code.

Video Code:
<img start=mouseover height=240 alt="MSN Spaces — the Video" dynsrc="" width=320 border=2>

Well host the video file on a site that allows you to or use Yahoo briefcase. (Google it and you will find something)
And paste the link instead of the blue code.
Mess around with the width aand border numbers in the code to get your desired size.

Well now you have got Video and Audio on your Space.
(thanks to