I was just coming out of the pantry with my cup of coffee, and was heading towards my seat. And suddenly i felt mild vibrations. I thought it happened only to me, but everyone was standing and was lookin frightened. No one knew whats going on.

We have emergency alarm installed inside our building, but it didn’t work at that time. Everyone was looking at each other trying to figure out what has happened. Slowly things settled down and everyone returned to their work.

I called up my mona at home just to make sure that he is alright. He said everyone has come out of their homes and the whole society is standing outside. Anuj said, he is sitting in the front room, wearing his shoes, ready to run anytime! Mithila didn’t believe me when i first told her. She thought, i’m kidding.

Mom, dad, mami, yogesh mama called up to enquire. Ketho called up all the way from Nagaland.

People are worried but we are enjoying the experience. Everyone is telling where they were when the quake came.
Everyone is excited. TV channels are showing the live story.