It was a long holiday.

I had my MCM exam but due to the lack of seriousness, I appeared for only two papers.

But relaxed for the whole week.

Its very boring to be at home.

I cancelled my last day’s leave and headed towards the office. Felt relaxed after checking the mails, browsing thru internet and attending phone calls. Opened the WSAD and started coding.

Life without work is really boring, or may be I think like this because I’m addicted to it.

Mithila was here in Pune. Met her in the morning of 14th. It was a lovely morning. Spent nearly an hour with her. We were seating on the stairs of HSBC ka ATM near Inox.

Next day we got a chance to meet again for a movie, at Inox again. She left yesterday.

My daily routine has started as usual. Bugs, fixes, mails, coffee breaks, faltu calls, stck market and so on.